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January 2018
Snow Plowing in Muirfield
Published 1-15-18
December 2017
Muirfield eNews: Pond Safety, Tree Recycling, Snow Removal and Emergencies, Update Your Email Address
Published 12-28-17
Pond Safety: Stay off the Ice, Christmas Tree Recycling, Snow Removal in Muirfield, Snow Emergencies, Update Your Email Address
November 2017
Muirfield Alert: The Muirfield List
Published 11-28-17
Muirfield Alert: Men's Luncheon Group
Published 11-28-17
Muirfield eNews: Garden Club Event, Second Brunch With Santa Event, Street Walkers, Leaf Pickup
Published 11-22-17
Muirfield eNews: Your Muirfield Social Activities Committee
Published 11-21-17
Muirfield eNews: Recent Resident Survey
Published 11-17-17
Muirfield eNews: Pool Restrooms Closing Today, November 9
Published 11-9-17
Muirfield eNews: Vehicles in Pool Lots, Restrooms Closing, Bridge Closing
Published 11-2-17
October 2017
Muirfield eNews: Panhandling in Dublin; Volunteer to help neighbors in need
Published 10-24-17
Muirfield Alert: "Take-Back Tuesday" Tonight, Tuesday, October 24
Published 10-24-17
Muirfield eNews: Election Info: Yard Signs, Candidates, Vote by Mail
Published 10-10-17
Muirfield eNews: Basketball Courts Closed Tuesday, Survey, Leaf Collection, Parking
Published 10-2-17
Basketball Courts Closed Tuesday, Muirfield Survey Reminder, Fall Leaf Collection, Parking in Muirfield Village
September 2017
Muirfield Alert: Muirfield Path Sealant This Week
Published 9-27-17
Muirfield Alert: Please Take the Resident Survey
Published 9-26-17
Muirfield eNews: Notes from Last Night's Muirfield Board Meeting
Published 9-21-17
Muirfield Alert: Additional pathway closures due to tunnel work
Published 9-14-17
Muirfield Alert: Upcoming Pathway Closures: Tunnel Work and Sealing
Published 9-8-17
August 2017
Muirfield Alert: August 14 Gullane Court Closure and Muirfield Drive Parking
Published 8-10-17
July 2017
Muirfield eNews: President's Corner, Tennis and Swim Lesson Registration, Fishing Derby
Published 7-20-17
President’s Corner - items discussed at last night’s HOA Board of Directors’ Meeting Tennis Programs - Final Junior Session Fishing Derby, Sunday, August 20 Swim Lessons - Final Session
June 2017
Muirfield eNews: Swim Lessons, Architect Services, Yard Waste, Bridge Open
Published 6-29-17
Swim Lessons – Session 2, Free Architect Services, Yard Waste Reminder, Glick Road Bridge Open
Muirfield eNews: Pickleball, Paving Schedule This Week
Published 6-21-17
Pickleball Ready to Play at Holbrook, 270/33 Paving Schedule for the Remainder of the Week
Muirfield eNews: Glick Pool, Tennis Update, Country Club Trespassing, Bike Lane Safety
Published 6-13-17
Glick Pool Update, Tennis Programs and Court Update, Country Club Trespassing - Assistance Requested, Bike Lane Safety
Muirfield Alert: Swim Lessons Registration for Session 1 Opens Friday 4 p.m.
Published 6-1-17
May 2017
Muirfield eNews: Board of Directors Elect Officers for Coming Year
Published 5-26-17
Muirfield Alert: ID Card Hours and FORE! Miler Race
Published 5-17-17
Muirfield Alert: Pelotonia Celebrity Golf Outing and Information Sessions
Published 5-10-17
Muirfield Alert: Riviera Notice of Application - Proposed Model Home
Published 5-5-17
Muirfield eNews: Board Meeting Date Change, Meet the Tennis Staff, Muirfins Deadline, Golf Outing, Golf Course Trespassing, Music, Foxes
Published 5-2-17
Date Change: May Board of Directors Meeting, Tennis: Meet the Staff Day this Saturday, Muirfins Registration Deadline – May 10, Golf Outing to Benefit Muirfins Swim Team, Trespassing on Golf Courses, Friendly Reminder: Music, Foxes Spotted in Muirfield
April 2017
Muirfield eNews: Extended ID Card Hours, Tennis Courts Work, Office Construction, Tournament Mailing
Published 4-26-17
Photo ID Card Extended Hours, Reminder: Holbrook Tennis Courts Closed, Association Office Expansion Construction, Memorial Tournament Information Mailed
Muirfield eNews: Tennis Courts Work, Election Results, Pelotonia Team, Dog Waste/New Path Connector, Hazardous Waste and Recycling
Published 4-20-17
Holbrook Complex Tennis Courts Repairs Starting Today, Annual Meeting and Election Results, Muirfield Village Pelotonia Team, Dog Waste and New Connector of Pathways, Reminder: Household Hazardous Waste Disposal This Saturday, Reminder: 8th Annual Recycling and Shred Day April 29
Muirfield Alert: Voting Ballots
Published 4-17-17
Muirfield eNews: Updates: Glick Rd. closure; levy on May ballot; Volunteer to help Seniors
Published 4-10-17
Muirfield Alert: Muirfins Registration Open; Meeting and Swimsuit Fitting Tonight
Published 4-10-17
Muirfield eNews: Annual Meeting Materials and Ballots Sent, Electronic Voting, Pool Guest Passes, Egg Hunt Reminder
Published 4-5-17
Annual Meeting Information and Voting Ballots Sent, Electronic Voting Instructions, Pool Guest Passes, Reminder: MVCA Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday
March 2017
Muirfield Alert: Easter Egg Hunt Time Correction and Rain Date
Published 3-31-17
Muirfield eNews: Annual Report, Easter Egg Hunt, Recycling Day, Hazardous Waste Day, Pets, Golf Courses
Published 3-30-17
Muirfield Association Annual Report 2016, MVCA Easter Egg Hunt, 8th Annual Recycling and Shred Day, Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Event, Pets in Muirfield, Golf Courses are Private Property
Muirfield eNews: Annual Meeting, Muirfins Swim Team, Country Club Open House, Pelotonia Team, Swim and Tennis 2017
Published 3-28-17
Muirfield Association Annual Meeting, Muirfins Swim Team, Country Club Prospective Member Open House, Muirfield Village Pelotonia Team, Swim and Tennis Activities 2017
Muirfield Alert: Carnoustie Drive Closed March 6-10; Pathway Closed at Tunnel Until May 19
Published 3-6-17
February 2017
Muirfield Alert: Invoices Sent, Firewood Available, Board Applications, Pathway Closing, Decorations
Published 2-16-17
Annual Assessment Invoices Sent Today, Firewood Available - Virtually No Waiting, Board Member Applications Still Being Accepted, Path Under Carnoustie Closed for Tunnel Repairs in March, Decorations Cleanup
Muirfield Alert: Invoices Being Sent the Week of February 13
Published 2-10-17
January 2017
Muirfield eNews: Invoices, Nominations Being Accepted, Annual Meeting, Winter Parking, Holiday Cleanup
Published 1-26-17
Annual Assessment Invoices, Board of Directors Applications Being Accepted, Save the Date: Muirfield Association Annual Meeting, Winter Street Parking, Holiday Cleanup


December 2016
Muirfield eNews: Pond Safety, Snow Removal, Mailbox Damage, Crime Prevention, Coffee with City Manager, Leaf Collection
Published 12-14-16
Pond Safety: Stay off the Ice!, Snow Removal and SnowGo, Winter Mailbox Damage, Don't Lose "It" This Holiday Season, Coffee and Conversation with Dana McDaniel This Thursday, Did You Miss Leaf Collection?
November 2016
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield FAQs, Holiday Decorating, Signs in Muirfield, Brunch With Santa Full
Published 11-23-16
Muirfield FAQs, Holiday Decorating, Signs in Muirfield - What is Permitted?, Brunch With Santa Reservations Full
Muirfield eNews: Pool Restrooms Closing, MVCA Brunch With Santa, Leaf Collection - LeafGO
Published 11-14-16
Pool Restrooms Closing Today, MVCA Brunch With Santa, Leaf Collection - LeafGO
Muirfield eAlert: Glick Road Over O'Shaughnessy Dam Closed Thursday 11/3
Published 11-2-16
Muirfield eNews: Firewood for Sale, Brunch With Santa, Pet Ownership, Properly Storing Trash and Recycling Bins
Published 11-1-16
Cut and Split Firewood for Sale, Brunch With Santa, Owning a Pet in Muirfield Village, Properly Storing Trash and Recycling Bins
September 2016
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield eNews: Political Signs, 2016 Tennis Summary, Safety Around Muirfield, Fall Leaf Collection, Pet Waste Stations
Published 9-30-16
Political Signage in Muirfield, 2016 Tennis Summer Program Summary, Safety Around Muirfield, Fall Leaf Collection, Pet Waste Stations
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield eNews: Pond Safety, Open House this Sunday, Parking in Muirfield, Dedication Program, Resident Directory
Published 9-7-16
Pond Safety, Prospective Member Open House Sunday, Parking in Muirfield Village, Dedication Program, Resident Directory - Add Your Listing
August 2016
Muirfield eNews: Fishing Derby a Success, Water Lines, Talks in the Park, Tree Surveying, Letters Requested
Published 8-29-16
Fishing Derby a Huge Success, Water Line Improvements in Muirfield Begin 8/29, Save the date - Talks in the Park, City of Dublin Surveying Trees, Letters of Support Requested
Muirfield Alert: Pool Closed August 22
Published 8-22-16
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield eNews: Fishing Derby, Country Club / Muirfield Amenities, Pool Hours
Published 8-5-16
MVCA Fishing Derby, The Country Club at Muirfield Village Concerns; Muirfield Amenities, Pool Hours Change
July 2016
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield eNews: ID Card Hours Saturday 7/23 and Evenings, Muirfins, Solicitors, Swim Lessons
Published 7/19/16
Special Photo ID Cards Hours Saturday, July 23 plus Evenings, Muirfins Update, Solicitors in Muirfield, Final Session of Swim Lessons: Signups Open July 22
Muirfield eNews: Glick Road Closure, Fishing Derby, Vandalism, Intersection Input, 270/33 Interchange
Published 7/8/16
Alert! Glick Road Daytime Closures Week of July 11, Fishing Derby August 21, Vandalism Alert, Muirfield Drive and Memorial Drive Intersection Public Input, I-270 and Rt 33 Information
June 2016
Muirfield eNews: Photo ID Opportunity this Saturday, Summer Tennis Programs, Dublin Ranked in Top 20 U.S. Creative Class Cities
Published 6/14/16
Muirfield Photo ID Card Opportunity - Saturday 6/18, Summer Tennis Programs, Dublin Ranked Among Top 20 U.S. Creative Class Cities
Muirfield eNews: Swim Lessons, Triathalon Rescheduled, Directory, Mailbox Refurbishment, Pickleball, Youth Leadership Program
Published 6/8/16
Swim Lesson Registration Starts Friday June 10, Fit With the Fins Triathlon Rescheduled, Resident Directory is Online, Mailbox Refurbishment Project, Pickleball at Muirfield, Youth Leadership Program
May 2016
Muirfield eNews: FORE! Miler this Thursday, Pools Opening, Memorial Tournament, Golf Courses, Animals
Published 5/25/16
FORE! Miler Race Thursday, May 26, Pools Opening this Weekend, Memorial Tournament, May 31 – June 6, Golf Courses are Private Property, Domestic and Wild Animals
Muirfield eNews: FORE! Miler, Solicitors, Glick Road Path, Golf Invitation, Pathway Use
Published 5/12/16
FORE! Miler Race, Buyer Beware - Solicitations in Muirfield, Glick Road Path Updates, Golf Invitation from The Country Club at Muirfield Village, Pathway Use
Muirfield eNews: Photo ID Opportunities, Get Fit with the Fins, Open House, Tournament Mailing, Directory, Safety Reminder
Published 5/3/16
Muirfield Photo ID Opportunity: Extended Hours, Get Fit with the Fins Family Triathlon, The Country Club at Muirfield Open House, Memorial Tournament Mailing, Resident Directory Update, Safety Reminder
April 2016
Muirfield eNews: Muirfield Resident Directory, Election Results, Recycling/Shred Day this Saturday
Published 4/27/16
Muirfield Resident Directory, Election Results, Reminder: Recycling/Shred Day this Saturday
Muirfield eNews: Last Chance to Vote, Annual Meeting, Slow Moving Vehicles, Garden Party Fundraiser
Published 4/18/16
Last Chance to Vote, Annual Meeting this Wednesday, Watch for Slow Moving Vehicles, Dublin Arts Council's Garden Party Fundraiser
Muirfield Alert: Annual Meeting Information and Ballots Sent
Published 4/7/16
Muirfield eNews: Annual Meeting, Open House Invitation, Recycling / Shred Day, Hazardous Waste Collection
Published 4/1/16
Muirfield Association Annual Meeting, Open House Invitation, Annual Recycling and Shred Day, Hazardous Waste Disposal Event
March 2016
Muirfield eNews: Swim and Tennis Schedules, Pet Reminders, Payment Deadline
Published 3/16/16
2016 Swim and Tennis Schedules, Pet Reminders, Final Annual Assessment Invoice Reminder
Muirfield eNews: Electronic Communications, Invoices, Firewood, Muirfins, Water Line Replacement, No Egg Hunt
Published 3/9/16
Electronic Communications Program, Annual Assessment Reminder, Firewood For Sale, 2016 Muirfins, Water Line Replacement on Muirfield Streets, No Easter Egg Hunt This Year
February 2016
Muirfield Alert: FORE! Miler Race
Published 2/17/16
Information regarding the golf club’s 2016 FORE! MILER Road Race.
Muirfield Alert: MVCA Announcement
Published 2/8/16
Announcement from the Muirfield Village Civic Association
Muirfield Alert: Annual Assessment Invoices Sent
Published 2/8/16
Annual Assessment Invoices Sent
January 2016
Muirfield eNews: Invoices, Safety Alerts, Bounce Party, Muirfins 2016, Architectural Services
Published 1/29/16
Annual Assessment Invoices Being Sent, Safety Alerts, MVCA Bounce Party, Muirfins 2016 Season, Free Architectural Services Available
Muirfield eNews: Invoices, Applications Being Accepted, MVCA and HOA Annual Meetings, Firewood
Published 1/14/16
Annual Invoices Being Sent 2/5/16, Applications Being Accepted, 2016 MVCA Annual Meeting, Save the Date: Muirfield Association Annual Meeting, Firewood Available


November 2015
Muirfield eNews: Leaf Collection, Firewood Update, Brunch with Santa,  Signs
Published 11/10/15
Leaves Still Being Collected, Firewood Update, Save the Date... Santa is Coming!, Political Signs
October 2015
Muirfield eNews: Inspection Reminder, Easement for Path, Bridge Group, Assessments, Office Closed
Published 10/9/15
Reminder: Clean Up Inspections, City Gains Easements to Construct Public Pathway along Glick Road, Muirfield Bridge Group, Annual Assessment Pre-Payment, Office Closed Monday, October 12
September 2015
Muirfield eNews: MVCA OSU Tailgate, Leaf Pickup, Fall Cleanup, School Redistricting, Political Signage
Published 9/28/15
MVCA Black and Tan OSU Tailgate Party this Saturday, Fall Leaf Pickup, It’s Clean Up Time, Dublin School Redistricting, Political Signage Reminder
Muirfield eNews: Open House Sunday, Tennis Recap, Fishing Lakes, Firewood, Architect Services, IRS Scams
Published 9/10/15
Membership Open House, Tennis Program Recap, Fishing Lakes, Cut and Split Firewood for Sale, Architect Appointments Available, IRS Scam Calls
August 2015
Muirfield eNews: Pool Hours, Traffic Alert, Crime, Insurance Check Up, Flag Display, Tailgate Benefit
Published 8/21/15
Back to School Pool Hours, Traffic Alert Sunday, Crime Alert, Insurance Check Up, United States Flag Display, Save the Date! OSU - Indiana Tailgate Benefit
Muirfield eNews: Mailbox Numbers, Garage Sale Signs, Trash and Yard Waste, Deer in Muirfield
Published 8/4/15
Mailbox Number Replacement, Garage and Yard Sale Signs, Trash and Yard Waste Collection, Deer in Muirfield Village
July 2015
Muirfield eNews: Tennis Openings, Tree Clippings, Program Results, Scam Alert
Published 7/23/15
Tennis Program Openings, Tree and Shrub Clippings, Architect Program Gets Results, Alert: Tech Scams on the Rise
Muirfield eNews: Movie Friday, Architect Services, Dedication Program, Final Swim Lessons, Mosquito Spraying
Published 7/8/15
Movies Under the Stars this Friday, Take Advantage of Free Architect Services, Dedication Program, Swim Lessons – Final Session, Mosquito Spraying in Muirfield Village Thursday Night
June 2015
Muirfield eNews: Swim Lesson Registration, Movie Rescheduled, Crime Alert, Maps
Published 6/24/15
Swim Lesson Registration - Session 2, Movies Under the Stars Rescheduled, Crime Alert, Muirfield Maps Available Online
Muirfield eNews: Swim Lessons and Movies Under the Stars
Published 6/3/15
Swim Lessons Registration, Movies Under the Stars
May 2015
Muirfield eNews: ID Card Clarification, FORE! Miler Road Closure, Tournament News, Blue Star Memorial Marker
Published 5/27/15
ID Card Clarification, FORE! Miler Race Street Closures, Tournament Parking Passes, Alert: Golf Carts on Muirfield Paths, Blue Star Memorial Marker Dedication, Large Vehicle Parking, I-270 / Route 33 Ramp Closures
Muirfield eNews: Tennis, Swimming, Memorial Mailer, FORE! Miler, and Gazebo Reservation
Published 5/13/15
Tennis Programs Registration, Swim Season Checklist, Final Photo ID Opportunity, Memorial Tournament Mailer, FORE! Miler Race, Gazebo Reservation
April 2015
Muirfield eNews: Street Closure - MVCA Mother's Day Run, Congratulations, Safety Alert
Published 4/28/15
Street Closure Alert: MVCA Mother's Day 5K Run/Walk, Congratulations to Elected Members, Safety Alert
Muirfield eNews: Last Chance to Vote, Annual Meeting Wednesday, I-270/33, Pathway Use, Memorial Mailing
Published 4/20/15
Last Chance to Vote, Join us Wednesday at the Annual Meeting!, I-270/Route 33 News, Pathway Use, Clarification of Responsibilities, Memorial Tournament Mailing
Muirfield eNews: Ballots sent, Muirfins Open House Tonight, ID Card Hours, Dublin Community Service Day
Published 4/15/15
Annual Meeting Ballots and Materials Sent, Muirfins Registration Open House Tonight (4/15/15), Photo ID Card Opportunities: this Thursday and Saturday, Dublin Community Service Day
Muirfield eNews: Annual Meeting Materials, Street Closure, Open House, Recycling Day, Spring Reminders, ID Card Hours
Published 4/9/15
Annual Meeting Information Online, Notice: Street Closure – MVCA Mother's Day 5K Run/Walk, The Country Club at Muirfield Village Membership Open House, Recycling Day is Coming!, Spring Lawn Care and Sports Nets Reminders, Muirfield After-Hours Photo ID Opportunities
March 2015
Muirfield eNews: Photo ID Cards Saturday, Brunch Reminder, Playgroup Invite, Pets
Published 3/18/15
Muirfield Photo ID Opportunity this Saturday, Exclusive Brunch Invitation Reminder, Muirfield Playgroup Invitation, City of Dublin Pet Code
Muirfield eNews: Photo ID Opportunity, Sewer Project, 2015 Tennis and Egg Hunt
Published 3/4/15
Muirfield Photo ID Opportunity, Sewer Renewal Work Starting in Muirfield Village, 2015 Tennis Season, Civic Association Easter Egg Hunt, Daylight Savings Time Change
February 2015
Muirfield eNews: Survey Results Priorities, Summer Employment, MVCA Run, TCCMV Invitation, and State of the City
Published 2/25/15
Muirfield Survey Results - Priorities, Seasonal Employment Applications Being Accepted, Annual Assessment Invoice Reminder, Save the Date: MVCA Mother’s Day Run, Exclusive Muirfield Resident Invitation, 2015 State of the City Address
Muirfield News: Sewer Work in Muirfield
Published February 20, 2015
Muirfield eNews: Bike Path Clarification, Invoices, Alerts and Scams, Office Closed
Published 2/13/15
Bike Path Clarification, Has Your Annual Assessment Invoice Arrived?, Applications Still Being Accepted, Association Alerts on Twitter, Vicious Dog Alert, Taxpayer Scam Alert, Association Office Closed Monday
Muirfield eNews: Invoices Sent, Pond Safety and Crime Alert
Published 2/5/15
Annual Assessment Invoices Sent, Pond Safety: Stay off the Ice, Crime Alert: Car Casing in Muirfield
January 2015
Muirfield eNews: Invoices Being Sent, Annual Meeting Date Set, Bike Path Safety, and More
Published 1/30/15
Annual Assessment Invoices Being Sent 2/6/15, Save the Date- Muirfield Association Annual Meeting, Bike Path Safety, Jack Nicklaus Earns Congressional Gold Medal, Being a Good Neighbor, Free Architect Services Still Available, For Sale: Cut and Split Firewood
Muirfield eNews: Applications Being Accepted, Update Your Email Address, and Winter News
Published 1/9/15
Applications Being Accepted for the Board of Directors and Grounds & Facilities Committee, Update your Email Address, Snow Removal in Muirfield, Pathways in Winter, Christmas Tree Recycling and Holiday Decorating Reminder
Applications for Board of Directors and Grounds & Facilities Committee
Published January 8, 2015 (Deadline for submission: 2/17/15)
Help Muirfield Be Green!
Published January 8, 2015
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