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Welcome, new residents! If you're a new home owner, property owner, or renter in Muirfield Village, the Association staff is looking forward to meeting you in person at orientation! If you are unable to come to orientation right away or if you misplaced a part of your packet, here are the documents included in the packet:

New Resident Form
Please fill this out and bring it with you to orientation. Forms are also available at the office.

New or Future Resident Fact Sheet
This fact sheet gives an overview of Muirfield Village and explains how the annual assessment is calculated.

Muirfield Maps
Two maps of Muirfield are available online. Full-size versions of these maps will be included in the welcome packet given at orientation.

Muirfield Directory
Includes contact information for Muirfield Association, pools, tennis courts, Board of Directors members, Grounds & Facilities members, Muirfield organizations and sub-associations, plus community numbers. (Note: this is not the Resident Directory, which can be found in the Members Area.)

Swim Information and Pool Activities
Brochure outlining the current pool season and pool activities. This is updated every year around April. Detailed swimming information can be found here.

Tennis Information and Seasonal Activities
This brochure outlines the current season's tennis program and offerings. This page will be updated every year around April. There is detailed tennis program information here.

Mailbox Information and Refuse, Recycling, and Yard Waste Collection
This page lists mailbox information and replacement costs, information on the city's trash and recycling program, and yard waste collection information.

Muirfield Warranty Deed
The Warranty Deed is the legal instrument that governs Muirfield's restrictions and design standards as a planned unit development.

The By-Laws (Code of Regulations) are the operational procedures that govern the Board of Directors.

Articles of Incorporation
The Articles of Incorporation define how Muirfield Association, Inc. was formed.

Muirfield Property Handbook
New residents are given Section 4 of the Resident Handbook, which outlines property policies. The entire handbook can be read online and is available in printed form from the office upon request.

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