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Board of Directors Elect Officers for Coming Year

During the May 2017 meeting of the Muirfield Association Board of Directors, the annual election of officers was held. Due to business conflicts, board member and former Board President Michael Grodhaus resigned. Elected for the coming year are: President, Robert Fathman; Vice President, Diana Evans; Secretary, Paula Linehan and Treasurer, Marilee Chinnichi-Zuercher. Other members of the Board of Directors include: Chris Curry, Rory Gaydos, Thomas Oleksa, John Reiner and Michael Russell. Mr. Oleksa, who had come in 4th in the recent election, was voted to fill the remaining year of Mr. Grodhaus’ term in office. Dr. Fathman thanked Mr. Grodhaus for his 8 years of service on the Board and for his leadership as president, and previously, as vice president.

Muirfield Association General Manager Walter Zeier gave the board the results of an analysis of approvals or rejections of applications to the Design Control Committee. For the period January 1 through April 30 of this year, there were 245 applications for approval of plans. 218 of these submissions were approved at the initial review stage and another 20 received DCC approval after additional information requested was submitted. So, only 7 of the 245 requests (2.45%) failed to be approved. Those 7 homeowners did not request a second review. This overwhelming approval rate, 97.55%, was positively received by the Board, with the request that the numbers be shared with the Association in the next e-newsletter (this one!) Homeowners are encouraged to continue to update and improve their homes.

Topics the board members announced that they will be addressing this year include review of the existing Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and Declaration (Warranty Deed) with concentration on adjusting, adding, changing or re-affirming the current articles. The Directors welcome your suggestions and appreciate your input. Please email your suggestive changes to board@muirfieldassociation.com.

During this busy meeting, the Directors created a Finance Committee to be chaired by Board Treasurer Ms. Chinnichi-Zuercher, with assistance from board members Gaydos and Russell. The Finance Committee will oversee aspects of accounting and internal controls of the Association. The Board also approved posting the minutes of the Annual Meeting in the Members Area of the Association website, with the disclaimer that they were a draft, awaiting approval at the 2018 Annual Meeting.

The Muirfield Social Activities Committee (formerly the MVCA’s Social Activities Committee) was also created with Ray DiRossi as this year’s chairman. Other members of this committee include Kevin Ledford, Kristina Ledford, Mindy Miller, Julie Smith, and Becca Wleklinski. The Social Activities Committee will plan, promote and administer social events, activities and programs intended to benefit the general enjoyment of Muirfield families.

The Muirfield Civic Action Committee is now a standing committee assisting the Board of Directors. Dr. Fathman is this year’s chairman with Greg Beswick, Rob Carlisle, Eva Cioffari, Charlotte Coomer, Michele Fortson, Debbie Gibson, Mike Grodhaus, Barry Halpern, Christine Kuret, John League, Paula Linehan, Tanya Mathew, Robin Miller and Tom Oleksa included in the committee. The CAC will continue to work with the City of Dublin and other officials to advocate on issues benefiting Muirfield residents and the Muirfield community as a whole. Their focus is to provide information to residents on election issues and candidates (without endorsements), advocate land use and other non-election issues affecting Muirfield residents, consistent with Board policy, and to inform residents of road closures and utility interruptions.

The Grounds & Facilities Committee is now an appointed committee with Pam Ellinger as this year’s chairperson, Valerie Brown, Louis Burns, Ray DiRossi, Kyle Lucus, Lonnie McLaughlin, Alesia Miller, Pat O’Loughlin and Mark Ransom. The Grounds & Facilities Committee members serve as liaisons to the Board of Directors, gathering recommendations pertaining to maintenance of pathways, landscaping, lakes and capital projects for the common areas as well as making recommendations pertaining to the rules, maintenance, safety, programs and capital projects for the pools and tennis facilities.

The Board of Directors is very appreciative of these individuals who are willing to volunteer their time and efforts for the overall enhancement of our community. We will keep you posted on their endeavors throughout the year! If in reading about their work you would like to offer to be involved, please send an e-mail to info@muirfieldassociaiton.com indicating which committee you would like to join, give the reasons motivating you, your background that might pertain, or anything else you would like to add.

Published May 26, 2017

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