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Getting to Know Your Muirfield Association Board and Staff

In previous e-blasts we’ve profiled the Muirfield Association General Manager, Walter Zeier, and Assistant GM, Chris Carter, as well as long-serving Board Member John Reiner. In this edition I’d like you to meet our second longest-serving Board Member, Diana Evans.

To hear all of Diana’s volunteer activities in Muirfield and Central Ohio makes the listener feel like a self-absorbed slacker. A Wonder Woman of Community involvement, she was first elected to the Association Board of Directors in 1998 and with only minor interruptions has served in that post ever since, including two stints as Board President. Even before that, she had spent several years on the Grounds and Facilities Committee. She and her husband of 55 years, Dick, moved here from northeast Columbus over 40 years ago, in 1978, a time when Dublin was only a village of 5000, not yet a City. For groceries one had to shop the Kroger on Henderson Rd., or the tiny Tag Market [and Bait Store and 2-pump gas station] where Walgreens is now! Muirfield Drive had not been completed between Scottish Corners and Brand Rd. There was only one elementary school, one Middle School and one High School, and she describes the Bogey at that time as “a scary place where motorcycle gangs hung out, but they had good pizza!” Can you imagine a time that there was only one church in all of Dublin – the Dublin Community Church? True pioneers in Muirfield, Diana and Dick chose their lot on Springburn Dr. by touring the muddy “roads” in the back of a jeep!

Diana's family's 2nd annual Christmas Day Badminton Tournament. Diana is second from the right.

The couple met and began dating in high school, both attended OSU, and after working in procurement for both state and federal government, she became a stay-at-home mom for their three daughters. But she really didn’t “stay” at home. Like many moms today, she became ultra-involved: Brownie leader, PTO Board, a Zoo docent for 39 years, a volunteer in the schools, active in the Muirfield Garden Club including a term as President, on the Sustaining Board of Buckeye Boys Ranch, Assistant Treasurer of a successful investment club, and helping with the Muirfield Swim Team [which Dick started, and where their 3 daughters excelled]. A passion close to the hearts of both Diana and Dick has been their leadership in the Leatherlips Yacht Club, the Shawnee Hills facility on the west bank of the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir. She and Dick have each held the top post, Commodore, and Diana has been in charge of the Learn to Sail program for 15 years. Recreationally, sailing takes number one place in their lives, including racing competitions, and they have adventurously chartered bareboats in the British Virgin Islands.

Although grandparents now to four, nothing slows her down. World travel has been a major activity for this couple since Dick retired 15 years ago, and they have been to dozens of countries.

Diana is currently Vice President of the Muirfield Association Board of Directors. She takes pride in the fact that many other Central Ohio community associations have modeled themselves, their warrantee deed restrictions and design control standards after the quality they see in Muirfield Village. She expresses much gratitude to the talented staff who work on behalf of our residents to uphold the quality expressed in the warrantee deeds, and whose efficiencies have kept the dues nearly static over the past 30 years, even though materials, labor and taxes continue to increase. Association General Manager Walter Zeier praised Diana’s involvement on behalf of residents, saying: “Diana is always available to help in any way possible. Her dedication to Muirfield and the community as a whole, is second to none.”

Published January 2, 2019

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