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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May 17, 2019

Report on Yesterday's HOA Board Meeting

1. Design Control Committee: 97% of plans presented to the Muirfield Design Control Committee in the past 2 months were approved, continuing the trend! The Board encourages all residents to keep their landscaping and homes up to date, and our General Manager, Walter Zeier, is available to consult on your ideas even before submittal. And we provide all residents a free consultation in your home from an architect and a landscape architect upon requests made to the office.

2. Board officers were elected for the coming year and committee chairs and members were appointed. Officers are: President, Bob Fathman; Vice President, Tom Oleksa; Secretary, Paula Linehan; Treasurer, Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher; General Manager, Walter Zeier. All Committee Chairs and membership continues unchanged: Bob Fathman chairs the Civic Action Committee, Ray DiRossi the Muirfield Social Activities Committee, Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher the FInance Committee and Pamela Ellinger chairs Grounds and Facilities. Dr. Fathman thanked all the officers and Committee Chairs and members for their time commitments and willingness to continue serving fellow residents, keeping Muirfield the great place it continues to be for our families.

3. Grounds and Facilities Committee is looking for 3 new Members: Here is a note from Pam Ellinger: "If you are interested in having input into updating, improving, maintaining or changing Muirfield Village’s pathways, common areas, tennis/basketball courts or pools, please join us on the Grounds and Facilities Committee. We have three openings for residents who are interested in this volunteer opportunity. Discussions are held at each meeting and suggestions are presented directly to the Board of Directors. The meetings are scheduled on the last Monday of February, April, June, August and October at 5:30 PM in the Muirfield Association office. Interested? Please contact Pam Ellinger at pellinge@columbus.rr.com or 614-746-0466.

4. Numbers: Have you ordered or bought mulch lately for your property? How much mulch would you guess our Homeowners Association uses each year for our common grounds? Take a minute, think about that, guess! ... 15 semi-loads! That is 750 cubic yards, 6,750 cubic feet, of double-processed black All installed by our grounds crews. And they also spread 3 semi-loads of wood chips. In 2018 our staff removed 363 trees, and planted 95 new ones. They used almost 21,000 feet of strapping to restrap 171 pool chairs and 185 chaise lounges, and sanded and re[painted 44 tables. 45 gallons of paint were used, and pool restrooms were updated with new lighting and tiles All of this saved our Association well over $100,000, well over that amount, compared to contracting the work out..

Published May 17, 2019

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