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Separating facts from fiction in election ads

"What did I just hear? Can you believe that?" Maybe, maybe not.

We've probably all had that reaction to the dramatic TV and radio political ads, or in response to Facebook postings and e-blasts. Are the ads honest? Are the Facebook postings created by Russian Troll farms in Romania? The Muirfield Civic Action Committee sends you this e-mail to help our residents make voting decisions based on fact, not fiction or distortion.

Our advice? If it seems outrageous, check it out, There are some great non-partisan organizations that exist to help you separate facts from election hyperbole and just plain fiction. Consider clicking on one or more of these, enter some key words from an ad, and you may find yourself bookmarking the site so that you can come back to it frequently.

  1. www.politifact.com
    This is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Just enter a few keywords in the upper right, under "search. The site has a "Truth-O-Meter" and a "Pants on Fire" rating.

  2. www.factcheck.org
    This is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Click on "search" and enter key words. You may have to vary the words, play around a little. They focus more on national issues, some state races.

  3. www.snopes.com
    This is a trusted standby, it has been around forever. It seems best at checking out rumors, outrageous statements in e-mail chains, more than individuals targeted by political ads. But it does that as well.

  4. www.votesmart.org
    By entering a candidate's name, you can see who his or her donors are, how much they gave, how that person is rated by various national organizations, and how they voted on legislation.

Before you receive your absentee ballots in the mail, October 10 and later, we will e-mail you a breakdown of the levy issues on the ballots. We make no endorsements, just provide you with facts. You may want to save this in a folder.

Bob Fathman, Chair, Muirfield Civic Action Committee

Your neighbors in Muirfield who serve on the Civic Action Committee include: Charlotte Coomer, Andrew Graham, Eva Cioffari, Christy Kuret, Michele Fortson, Barry Halpern, John League, Tom Oleksa, Paula Linehan, Tanya Mathew, Bob Fathman, Debbie Gibson, Rob Carlisle and Michael Grodhaus.

Published September 25, 2018

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