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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: March, 26 2020

Revision of Policy for Muirfield Tennis Courts

This morning I received an e-mail from Matt Earman, Director of Parks and Recreation for the CIty of Dublin, apologizing for misinformation he had communicated previously about tennis and pickleball courts in Dublin's Parks. Here is what he says:

"As you can imagine, the Governor’s Orders and State Health Department Directives are not always detailing specific closures for several facilities and activities. We monitor these daily and make adjustments according to new information and/or clarifications as needed. While the City strives to adhere to these orders for the safety and well-being of everyone, we want to make sure we are not over-stretching the intent and thereby restricting one’s ability to exercise and recreate – which is also very important during this pandemic.

With regards to tennis courts and pickleball courts specifically, it has been determined that so long as there are only two people playing on a court at one time, and there is no congregation of people near the court(s), this activity is in accordance with the established safe distancing protocols. As we continue to monitor the use of the courts and determine the use is hindering the City’s ability to enforce these safe distancing protocols, we will address their closure on a case by case basis.

As I mentioned, the information we receive changes daily and we will continue to make modifications as necessary. Again, my apologies for the misinformation I sent to you. If there are any questions or need for more information please let me know."

So, I discussed this with our General Manager, Walter Zeier, this morning and we are not going to restrict use of the tennis and pickleball courts after all. We urge you to follow state rules and guidelines, and limit play to two persons, or to family members or housemates living together so as to reduce health risks to all of you. We will not attempt to check or enforce these guidelines, but we urge you to not congregate on the courts. We thank Mr. Earman for the update, and will continue to follow what the CIty does as we all navigate this sometimes fuzzy path. Like the CIty, though, basketball courts are off limits due to the body contact in that sport.

Dr. Bob Fathman, President, Muirfield HOA Board

Published March, 26 2020

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