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Muirfield List 2018 and Info for Muirfield Seniors

From Muirfield Association, Inc.
Bob Fathman, President
Muirfield Association Board of Directors

1. The Muirfield List has been updated and you can find it in the Members’ Area of the Muirfield Association website Thanks to Muirfield CAC, Civic Action Committee Member [and HOA Board Member] Paula Linehan for updating this document. If you are looking for a painter, landscaper, deck or concrete vendor, and many more, look at this list and you will find a supplier recommended by one of your Muirfield neighbors who has personally utilized this service and recommends it. Vendors are not endorsed by the HOA, but also they cannot buy their way onto this List, as is done with Angie’s List. It is by neighbor recommendation only, and listing is free to the vendor. You can help us keep the List updated by sending recommendations to paula@paulagroup.com.

2. The Muirfield CAC is co-sponsoring another free seminar, this one targeted to Empty Nesters thinking of downsizing, or to those helping parents make decisions in this area. Next Thursday, March 22nd at the Muirfield Country Club will be a very interesting program showing those over age 62 how to buy a home at 50-60% of list price and never make another payment. That’s right, 50% down and no mortgage payments ever, even if you live to 110. It sounds too good to be true, but this is a program sponsored by the federal government’s Housing and Urban Development office. Google HECM to verify. This little-known program will be introduced by CAC Member Paula Linehan and further explained by HECM specialist Anne Marie Stemen, also a Muirfield resident. It is being offered twice next Thursday at the Country Club of Muirfield Village, March 22nd, first from 1-3 pm and repeated 6-8 pm. Register by Tuesday March 20th by calling, 614-431-0638, or e-mail: paula@paulagroup.com.

3. Also for seniors, changes are coming to your Medicare card. Starting April 1 and continuing for one year, every card will be replaced with one that no longer shows your Social Security number. Instead, your card will have a new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) that will be used for billing and for checking your eligibility and claim status. And it will all happen automatically – you won’t have to pay anyone or give anyone information, no matter what someone might tell you. Having your Social Security number removed from your Medicare card helps fight medical identity theft and protect your medical and financial information. But even with these changes, scammers will still look for ways to take what doesn’t belong to them. Here are some ways to avoid Medicare scams:

Comment or Questions, contact CAC Chair Bob Fathman: rfathman@columbus.rr.com

Published March 12, 2018

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