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Street parking in Muirfield; Road closures and congestion this week

Hello, Muirfield Neighbors. This is one fun, busy week, the celebration of Dublin's signature event, the Irish Festival, with 100,000+ attendees over the next weekend, including many out of towners, with performers from several countries and all over the U.S. Here are a few things to keep in mind re: traffic and parking.

While parking on both sides of Dublin's street is not illegal, doing so across from other parkers can make it extremely difficult for emergency vehicles, school busses, moving vans and others to get through, especially in areas with curves, like many Muirfield streets. Throughout the year it is common courtesy to stagger cars parked on streets, but even better is to keep them in our garages and drives whenever possible. If you have weekenders coming in for the event, or just any time at all, let's see what we can do to make life easier, and smooth the run for emergency responders, by avoiding parking across from others. Just picture yourself driving Muirfield kids in one of those big yellow limos taking them to school in a few weeks. Would you be able to navigate your street?

The Irish festivities kick off Thursday evening with a pub crawl and a couple of "runs." South HIgh Street in HIstoric Dublin will be closed Thursday eve between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. Several feeder streets in the area will also be closed.

Friday the Rec Center operates on very limited hours closing very early Friday and Saturday, with complete closure on Sunday.

For the entire weekend, come enjoy all the fun and quality entertainment, food and merchandise, or try to avoid Post, Perimeter, Emerald Pkwy and Coffman Rds. in the areas near Coffman Park. Discounted tix are on sale through Thursday at the Rec Center [$10 instead of $15 per day], as are regular price drink tokens.

Check the City website for details on all of this: http://dublinohiousa.gov/newsroom/navigating-city-dublin-irish-festival/

And look at the entertainment lineup for the Festival, parking, free shuttle and Lyft rides here: http://dublinirishfestival.org/.

Céad Míle Fáilte -- 100,000 Welcomes -- to our visitors.

Questions, reply to Bob Fathman.

Published July 31, 2018

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