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Leaf Pickup Delayed One Week; Note re: Smoke Detectors

Our zone was to have had leaves vacuumed up last week, but rain and Thanksgiving, and a bumper crop of weeds, has had City crws scrambling to catch up. I spoke this morning to the Streets and Utilities Supervisor in charge of this operation, and he said they should have us all done by Friday. At my house we also had storm-damaged limbs awaiting the chipper, which was due last Tuesday, but they were just now taken care of. So sit tight, help is coming, we haven't been skipped nor forgotten. And please help out by always raking your leaves onto the lawn just short of the curb or street. Raking into the street is wrong, makes for water-logged leaves slowing down the process, and it clogs ponds and sewers. Our grass will survive under piles of leaves. Dublin asks that we be good citizens, help out the crews [and thereby our neighbors!] by keeping the piles on the grass.

One of our residents has told me that if you live in Delaware County, an agency there, Source Point (formerly the Council for Older Adults of Delaware County), will install batteries and can also help with other home chores for those in need.

Questions? Email rfathman@gmail.com to ask Bob Fathman, President, Muirfield Association Board.

Published November 26, 2018

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