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Glick Pool Found to Have Major Problems, In Need of Major Repair

From General Manager, Walter Zeier, and Board President, Bob Fathman

Last summer our staff did some major repair projects at each pool, including replacing a difficult to access pump. As the staff began prepping for this season, they found that nearly every seam at the Glick Pool had separations and cracks that need immediate repair. If you live or walk in the area, you may hear our staff using concrete saws to cut out sections and see special concrete being funneled in. The good news is that the pool will be open for the summer season on time.

This is a top priority. It was unexpected, although with a pool that is 29 years old, it is not entirely surprising that parts would “break.” Our crews have been pulled off of other, routine projects, like finishing mulching, dead tree removal and more to get all hands on deck for this project. Fortunately, this is why we are required by law to have a cash reserve, to cover just this sort of surprise without a need for a special assessment.

With all of our crew on this project, please be understanding if mulch is delayed in your neighborhood as we give priority to this resource. We’ll keep you informed as work progresses.

Published April 25, 2018

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