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Lane restrictions, ramp and tunnel closures

We just informed you a few days ago that Dublin is hard at work making repairs to two Muirfield pathway tunnels, and they will be closed for the next2 weeks: the tunnel under Aryshire Dr., and the one under Memorial near Cartney Ct. Next to close will be [a] Memorial Drive tunnel near Holyrood Court and, [b] the Concord Road tunnel. We will alert you as soon as we have the dates on those. As inconvenient as these are, we thank and applaud the City for taking over the costs of the maintenance of all of these tunnels.

Lane restrictions: tomorrow, 9 am to 4 pm, I-270 southbound will be down to 2 lanes between Roberts Rd. and I-70, with a ramp closure at Roberts. Not much impact to most Muirfield residents. But on Wednesday, 9 to 4 again, I-270 northbound between Tuttle Crossing and Rt. 33 will be down to 2 lanes. Expect slowdowns and delays.

The ramp closure of more impact will be Wednesday, when the ramp from 270 N. to Tuttle is closed, and the ramp from Tuttle to 270N likewise will close.

Published February 26, 2018

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