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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: March 08, 2019

ALERT: Burglaries and Breaking and Enterings in Muirfield and area

You may have heard that there were two homes broken into in Muirfield this week, daytime. In asking the Dublin Police Department for info about this, here is what I learned today from their spokesperson:

There have been 5 reports of burglary or breaking and entering since January 1 in the area that covers Dublin Police District 3. This is a larger-than Muirfield area, covering all city areas north of Brand Rd. and west of the Scioto RIver. I'm not sure of the exact location of each incident I'll describe, but two of these five were in Muirfield:

In one of the more recent incidents, I think in Muirfield, the suspects were described as a white male, about 30, and the female companion was not described, except by gender. Their car was described as a Nissan, possibly white. The back door was kicked in.

The police remind us of common sense: keep doors and garage doors closed and locked, including in the daytime. If you have a security system, use it, and display a sign or stickers. Consider cameras at entry points, those that send you an alert when approached. If going on vacation, you can register with the police for a vacation watch of your home. And report a crime or possibility by calling 9-1-1, or the Dublin police non-emergency number, 614-889-1112.

Bob Fathman, President, Muirfield HOA Board.

Published March 08, 2019

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