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Corazon has a new owner, future plans

In a previous e-mail, I said that the Muirfield Civic Action Committee would be meeting with the new owner of Corazon to ask about the future plans, and we did so. Here is the report.

Many of our residents have been asking about Corazon for months, questioning rumors, expressing hopes, and asking the Civic Action Committee Members what we knew about its future. Was it bought by the City for a branch of the rec center? Is it to become a mosque? Bought by a church or a Christian School? ..What will be the new future? Today we found out.

Together with Muirfield Civic Action Committee Members Dan Schreibeis and Andrew Graham, we met with the new owner, Jon Krachenfels, this morning. Jon owns the buildings and business 100% -- no investors --- he makes all the decisions. And he is committed to keeping it very long term as a fitness center, event center with catering, restaurant and bar, hair salon and spa that is already there, and more. No changes, it will not be flipped, just enhancements coming to what we already know to be there. For example, down the road he and his chef plan to have a full Sunday brunch smorgasbord, and Monday dinner service. Right now it is open for dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and by "open" I mean to the general public. The Club dues for fitness, clay tennis courts and pools will stay the same, and the mandatory monthly food service charge has already been discontinued.

So where did the rumors about it becoming a church or church school originate? The previous owner donated the land to a Classical School in Middletown, in order to take a tax deduction for a charitable donation. Jon bought the buildings and will buy the land over time from the school. The school is not going to open a branch here, and no church is involved at all.

Those are the basic facts. There will be a ribbon cutting in the not distant future, space has been made available to the Dublin Schools Levy Committee for a public gathering to hear Dr. Hoadley speak on October 18th, And many programs, wine tastings and such, are in the works. The three of us on the Muirfield CAC who met with the owner for an hour and a half today came away very impressed, very optimistic for the future stability and success of this community resource.

Questions? Ask me at rfathman@gmail.com, and if I can't answer I'll forward your inquiry to the owner.

Bob Fathman, Chair, Muirfield Civic Action Committee

Your neighbors in Muirfield who serve on the Civic Action Committee include: Charlotte Coomer, Andrew Graham, Eva Cioffari, Christy Kuret, Michele Fortson, Barry Halpern, John League, Tom Oleksa, Paula Linehan, Tanya Mathew, Bob Fathman, Debbie Gibson, Rob Carlisle and Michael Grodhaus.

Published September 21, 2018

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