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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: March, 20 2020

Updates: Virus Survey, and Report on March Board Meeting

1. I sent out an e-blast yesterday asking if anyone needed help of any sort due to the virus, and it seems all is ok, Several of you e-mailed me with offers to help others, by picking up groceries or meds as needed. One Mom did give a report [maybe a plea for help?] saying: Home Schooling Report: 2 kids suspended for fighting; one teacher fired for drinking wine on the job." All kidding aside, I think we live in a wonderful community, truly a village taking care of each other. You all are just great people, very giving.

2. Last night our Muirfield Association Board held its bi-monthly meeting, and for the first time we did so via teleconference. Board Members, Association Staff, Committee Chairs and our Attorney, a new daddy, all felt much more at ease keeping social distancing in place.

One of our key decision last night was to make a change in the April Annual Meeting. This year we had reserved Rooms 1 and 2 at the new Dublin Library, but with the Library closed they of course have canceled all uses of the meeting rooms, so we would have needed a different venue. Between that, the new state rule limiting the size of gathering and the CDC and WHO recommendations that gathering size be reduced even more, to just 10, we decided that the annual meeting will be limited to Board, staff, and attorney only, and we will once again meet via teleconference. So if you had the date, April 22nd, set aside in your calendar, you can delete that.

The main function of that meeting is to announce the result of elections to the Board, so our Attorney will do that, and we;ll do an e-blast later that day or the next. All voting will be done electronically or by mail. You will receive bios and ballots 2 weeks prior to that date. If you would like to vote digitally, it is really very easy, but you need to e-mail the office, info@muirfieldassociation.com, and just give your name, address, and state that you give permission for electronic voting. You might add that you also rant permission for y our annual dues invoice or other legal matters to come that way. Only about half of our residents have done so, It saves costs and is quick and efficient. There are three seats open, and all three incumbents [Robert Fathman -- me, Mike Russell and Rory Gaydos] are re-running, as is Andrew Graham. More info will come with your ballots.

Our Board and Staff wish you all good health. Stay safe.

Bob Fathman, President, Muirfield HOA Board

Published March, 20 2020

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