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Muirfield Garden Club decorates Historic Dublin Farmhouse

Visit Dublin's Historic Coffman Homestead, Today & Next Sunday

The Muirfield Garden Club has again provided the materials and volunteers to decorate the Fletcher Coffman Homestead, an 1860's farmhouse and barn. Our Mirfield organization won a national award last year for its Christmas decorations of this farm home, constructed during the Civil War in the 1860's. It is open just today and next Sunday, 2 pm to 5 pm for the Christmas decor. This includes pink and blue hydrangea blossoms tucked amidst antique ornaments in severa trees, along with slices of Osage Orange Tree fruits, dried. great-grandmother-made potholders hanging on the dining room tree,and other festive, period decorations created by members of the Muirfield Village Garden Club. just for this event.

Ladies from the Club are staffing the home each of these two days, to tell visitors about the original furniture still there, to explain how scraps of wallpaper and rugs were sent off to be reproduced for this museum, Lear about the early settlers who lived there and more, for only a $5 admission, which admits you to both floors of this historic home. It is not open weekdays nor Saturday, just today and next Sunday.

A quick note about leaf pickup. The crews worked Muirfield yesterday and are out again today until 3 pm. Please don't park on both sides of the street or the truck cannot get through, and please don't park next to a leaf pile. MOve the cars into the drive if you haven't yet been picked up, though these guidelines hold through snowplow season and are really a good idea year 'round.

Published December 2, 2018

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