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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: February, 6 2020

City of Dublin Infrastructure Improvements in Muirfield this year

Our Muirfield General Manager, Walter Zeier, our Assistant GM Chris Carter and I met today with Dublin's Director of Service, Megan O'Callaghan and about 10 other key City staff to discuss plans coming this year for upgrades or improvements to infrastructure.

The below link will best show the work the City will be doing later this year in Muirfield. Some simple cosmetics will happen in Spring, like painting, but construction projects always delay until post-Tournament.

1. So click here, https://arcg.is/0vyTqm move the map around and zoom in as need be, and let your cursor hover over any colored area to see what it means. Note that there is a "legends" code in the upper left of the map screen, a place with 3 horizontal lines. That tells what the colors mean. Pink means that road will be resurfaced. Click on a yellow shape and it reveals a water line being replaced with a larger diameter pipe, giving that area improved pressure. Blue squares are for bridge replacement. An orange stripe over the blue means the guardrails thee will also be replaced. Like me, you probably first opened this e-mail with a smartphone, but the map graphic probably is more viewable if you look at this e-mail on your desktop or laptop screen. Waterline replacements will go in along Dunniker Park Drive, Dunbane Ct., Turnberry Ct., and Invergordon Ct. Some guardrails are going to be replaced

2. Several residents have e-mailed asking for repair or replacement to the light poles along Memorial Drive, between Dublin Rd. and Muirfield Drive. Good news! Those poles will be replaced or at least painted, depending on individual condition. 5 poles are in stock, 13 have to be ordered and the latter likely will not go in until post-Tournament. I again discussed the possibility of installing additional lights in that stretch,but that is not going to happen.

3. You will notice later in the year work being done on what is known as the "Deer Run Pump Station, along Dublin Rd. just north of the Reserve. A new Force Mail line will be dug in along the road south of there, causing some traffic disruption, and we will notify you months from now when that is about to begin. This work is needed to pump sewage overflow in one area to another.

4. Sanitary sewer lining, to stop leaks, will occur, mostly north of Glick, west of Deeside. You won't notice much, minimal impact.

5. February 25th should be the final, in a long run, court hearing on an imminent domain action to allow Dublin to finally complete the multi-use path along the south side of Glick Rd. east of Carnoustie. Work has already been through the engineering design, and could be completed by winter.

6. As mentioned in a prior e-mail, The O'Shaughnessy Dam Park will re-open soon, but only for about 2 months until it again closes, trading Watershed work for Power work.

7. You may have noticed City crews at work removing dead trees and debris in City right-of-way. Some stump clean up may yet occur.

A note of gratitude to our excellent City staff, all of them. They are great communicators, super to work with, highly knowledgeable in each of their fields, and work in great coordination with each other and with us. Hats off! Wave them a friendly hello when you see them carrying out their many tasks. I can't say enough good things about them. We are fortunate to have such talent working for us all in the City.

Bob Fathman, President, HOA Board

Published February, 6 2020

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