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Update from our November Board of Directors Meeting

What Your HOA Board and Staff Have Been Up To

  1. The Muirfield Homeowners Association Board met last week and approved the budget for 2019, including new investment standards for the cash reserve, as presented by Board Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair, Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher. Capital projects for 2019, the hard stuff, bricks and mortar, include a complete refurbishing of all the outdoor furniture at both pools. Rather than contract it out, our own staff strip off all the old straps, sand and repaint the metal frames, re-strap and they replace the plexiglass table tops which have become cracked and scratched. Although the Glick Rd. tennis courts are beginning to show some cracks and "dead spots," the Board deferred the $170,000 cost of re-surfacing the courts and replacing the fence for at least another year, maybe longer, after two resurfacing companies reported that the area, while showing wear, wasn't yet at the point that replacement was needed. The Board decided the courts were for recreational tennis, not professional and that any residents wanting a better surface could play on the Holbrook Courts, which had be re-surfaced earlier this year. Staff and the Grounds and Facilities Committee will be looking at finding a replacement for the teeter-totter device at the Holbrook playground.

  2. General Manager Walter Zeier reported that to date 480 plans for property changes/additions had been submitted to the Design Control Committee for approval, and 92% were approved. Submissions are way up. Last year at this time 24 plans had been submitted this same month, compared to 52 on October this year. The Board is studying two new roofing materials, composite slate and cedar shake, and will vote at the January meeting on whether or not to approve these. Four of the Board members traveled to Granville, New Albany and other communities to view buildings utilizing the new materials.

  3. And what was the cause of most of the 38 plan rejections? Seven of those came from the new "Stansbury" development, where the Buckner Farm used to be. The builder had to re-submit, as he learned the Muirfield guidelines standards. These new Bob Webb homes were rejected on first submission because of roof pitch, or colors, or insufficient landscaping. Those problems were all resolved and there are currently 11 homes completed or under construction there. The most common reason for plan rejection is simply the failure to provide sufficient plan detail, or submitting non-approved paint colors. Removal of healthy trees with no replacement nor prior approval resulted in seven notices of deed violation. Most initial rejections gain approval upon re-submission.

  4. The Board also discussed the two recent home fires in Muirfield Village and commended the Muirfield Civic Action Committee for its dissemination of info about fire prevention, and its action in reaching out to the City and Washington Township Fire Department to find solutions to meet the need some residents have for assistance in installing replacement batteries.. In the few days following the meeting the Fire Department shared that they will replace batteries for any resident that needs that help.

  5. Staff reported that five new dog waste stations were installed, and residents are asked to put those to good use, respecting others' property.

  6. The Board received a report from Ray DiRossi, Chair of the Social Activities Committee, about the upcoming Breakfasts with Santa at the County Club [both sessions subsequently sold out and a waiting list was developed.] The requested budget for next summer's Fishing Derby and other MSAC activities was approved. And Pamela Ellinger, Chair of the Grounds and Facilities Committee had reported on an upcoming survey of residents about this season's use of the Muirfield Pools.

We wish you all a happy and safe holiday season!

Bob Fathman, President
Walter Zeier, General Manager

Published November 29, 2018

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