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Annual Assessment Payments

Annual assessment payments are due by Wednesday, March 6, 2019. Please pay by that time in order to avoid interest being added. Muirfield Association accepts checks, cash, money orders, payments from your financial institution (online bill pay), eChecks, debit and credit card payments, although there are fees for debit and credit card payments.

To pay by eCheck, debit or credit, go to: https://onlinepay.allianceassociationbank.com/home.aspx?cmc=c27d2d5e-361b-47b1-a087-2eccce5ee950 or click “Pay Assessment” by the Muirfield Association logo on our website. Learn more about available payment methods here.

Memorial Drive Construction Work

The City of Dublin is constructing work on the Memorial Drive tunnel. As of now the contractor is on winter shutdown due to the nature of the remaining work. Once we have warmer temperatures, the contractor will return to work. At that time, intermittent traffic impacts will be necessary again.

The tunnel will remain closed through the winter and early spring. The path will reopen when it is safe for the public and contractor.The contract completion date is May 17, 2019, and the work is tracking to complete on time.

Published February 26, 2019

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