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Report on January HOA Board Meeting

From Muirfield Association, Inc.
Bob Fathman, President
Muirfield Association Board of Directors

Keeping you all in the loop, here are the highlights of the January HOA Board meeting:

  1. In the past two months, 23 applications for Design Review approval were made and 22 were approved. In 2017, 558 requests were made and 96% were approved. The Board and Staff are committed to helping residents update and improve properties, and these stats show that it is really very easy to get approval. The staff are very willing to advise residents ahead of submittal to ensure smooth process. No one should think it is tough to get plans approved.
  2. The Board voted to institute drug testing for all new hires and 10% of current staff.
  3. Save the date. The Annual Meeting date has been set for April 18th - details later.
  4. The Social Activities Committee reported that the Breakfast with Santa event at the Country Club of Muirfield Village was overwhelmingly successful, so much so that a second session was added after the first event sold out in 5 hours. Over 350 attended! The Fishing Derby was also very well attended by over 100 residents.
  5. The Board reviewed more of the survey results presented by the Grounds and Facilities Committee Chair, Pam Ellinger. Work already underway or planned includes:

More of the survey results will be discussed at subsequent meetings this year. Again, we thank residents for completing those surveys. We, staff and Board, are using your ideas as a major planning document.

In other business it was reported that federal law now requires standard street signage. The Board approved having the City convert all Muirfield Village street signs to the same as those throughout the City to meet federal requirements. To maintain the Muirfield look would require overly large wooden signs that would detract from appearance and would be very costly. This will likely require a long time due to the many streets and intersections in Muirfield.

Published January 19, 2018

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