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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: May 15, 2019

Several Muirfield Area Updates

1. This Saturday, 9 a,m, to noon, the Bridge Park Market re-opens for the summer. Twice the number of vendors as last year, and some entertainment to boot. On Longshore, both north and south of Bridge Park Ave. Free parking in the garages. Every Saturday morning through September.

2. Also this Saturday, the City is sponsoring Public Works Day, 10 a.m. to 2 pm. Kids can climb in and out of fire engines and ambulances, police cars, and all kinds of City and Military vehicles. Bounce houses, food trucks, shredding and e-cycling, kid outdoor games, the City Nature Educator and more. City of Dublin Service Complex, 6555 Shier Rings Road.

3. The Dublin Branch of the Columbus Metro Library closes its temp location on May 30th at 7 p,m., the normal closing time. The new library opens with a ribbon cutting celebration 3:30 to 6 pm on June 6th. Music and other fun, you are invited to join in. Put both dates in your calendars now. And the Library is looking for gifts of another $900,000 to pay for this double-the-size-of the former-library new and modernresource adding to the specialness of Dublin. Can you help? Click here to find out more details and how to memorialize anan area thanks to your gift: https://foundation.columbuslibrary.org/dublin?utm_source=shorturl&utm_medium=referral&utm_term=dublinbranchcampaign.org

4. Several Muirfield Streets will close for a couple of hours due to the Fore!Miler Race sponsored by OhioHealth and the Tournament will result in 2 hour closures of Muirfield Drive between Brand and Memorial, Memorial between Avery and Muirfield, Avery from Memorial to Brand, and Brand from Avery to Muirfield. If you live in that box, as I do, it is a good night to go out to dinner before 7 and plan to take your time returning, have a neighborhood potluck, or just cozy in for the evening.

5. The weekend Darree Fields is closed much of the time as Dublin plays host to a national archery championship. You may run into visitors from all over North America as you dine or shop. Let's make them feel welcome. their spending is great for our economy and tax revenues!

See you at the Tournament! May 27 - June 2nd. Likewise lets welcome those visitors and media from all over the world. We live in an exciting place.

Published May 15, 2019

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