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Election August 7th, vote by mail right now

Hey, Muirfielders. August 7th is Election Day. Put it in your calendars to vote that day, or get online and request an absentee ballot. It is a simple election, a "Special Election" to seat someone from now until January to replace Congressman Pat Tiberi, who resigned to take a different position. Yes, just one issue on the ballot. You will choose between Danny O'Connor, Troy Balderson, or Joe Manchik. That's it, fill in one circle. Be sure if you vote by mail to check the box for Special Election, and fill in the month and date, August, 2018.

If you live in Franklin County, click here https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/absentee/#request

In Delaware County go here: http://delawareboe.org/

Questions, reply to Bob Fathman.

Published July 18, 2018

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