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Glick Pool Update

Monday morning, nearly our entire grounds crew was actively working on the sand filter at the Glick Road pool. They removed 10,000 pounds of sand from the tank (that's 5 tons!) by hand since no machine can be brought into the basement to remove the sand. They carried the sand out of the basement in 5 gallon buckets.

The piping for the sand filter (the part that needs to be replaced) has been special ordered and we hope to have it in later this week. As soon as the repair is completed, we will be reinstalling 10,400 pounds of new sand between the two sand filters.

The Muirfins are practicing at the Holbrook pool before it opens each day and the swim meet has been moved to Lifetime Fitness this week. Swim lessons at Holbrook are going on as scheduled. The Holbrook pool will be open every weekday starting at 12 noon, the normal weekday opening time, and open 10-9 on the weekends.

We'll keep you informed and hope to have repairs completed as soon as possible, especially in this heat. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Tennis Programs and Court Update

Summer tennis programs are going well at the Glick Road courts! There's still time to sign up for summer tennis programs. We offer programs for both adults and juniors. Download the entire summer schedule and then sign up on line or in person. See you at the courts!

The Holbrook courts have been refinished, painted, striped, and the nets replaced. There is still a small amount of work being done on the fence, but the fence is up and the courts are ready for play. Stop by and try them out!

Country Club Trespassing - Assistance Requested

Muirfield Association is passing on the following message from The Country Club at Muirfield Village.

As a reminder, the Country Club requests that residents report trespassers. If it is during business hours, call the golf shop at 614-764-7705. If it is after hours, call the police.

Muirfield Village Residents,

Last year, and again this season, The Country Club at Muirfield Village has experienced a significant increase in misuse of the Club’s property. Many local neighbors, whose homes border the holes on the golf course, have taken advantage of the Club’s private property by biking and walking (including walking dogs) on the cart paths, stealing and/or moving some of the Club’s property, utilizing the golf course (without a required membership) and playing baseball, soccer, and other sports on the fairways.

The Club is primarily concerned about the activity from a safety standpoint. Unauthorized use of the course and being on the course during golfing hours make the trespassers vulnerable to being hit with a golf ball or being injured while riding bicycles and playing sports on the property.

A second concern comes with the physical damage that is taking place to the golf course and other Club property. Such damage unnecessarily adds to the Club’s expenses (to replace or repair the property) and devalues the Club and its amenities.

The Country Club at Muirfield Village would like to, once again, ask residents to take this request seriously and understand the potential safety hazards and legal ramifications that could arise from trespassing on the Club’s private property. If this unauthorized activity continues, use of an off-duty policeman may be used to patrol the golf course and instruct the perpetrators to cease and desist. Repeat offenders and those who do any damage to the property will be charged with unlawful trespassing and/or vandalism and destruction of personal property.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Domenick Mancini
The Country Club at Muirfield Village

Bike Lane Safety

A few years ago, the City of Dublin created bike lanes going both directions on Muirfield Drive. These bike lanes are on the outside edges of the street.  Some residents have been using the bike paths on the edge of Muirfield Drive to push little one in strollers, walk and jog.  Although the bike lanes were designed for use by people, it is a dangerous situation and there could be a terrible tragedy if a distracted driver crosses into the bike lane.

Instead, Muirfield Association encourages residents to utilize the many miles of private paths to walk, jog, bike and roller blade. Strollers and pets are welcome (please clean up after them). These pathways are much safer than the unprotected bike lanes. There are maps of our paths on our website for your use. If you must walk in the bike lanes on the street, please walk facing traffic.

Published June 13, 2017

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