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Muirfield Path Sealant This Week

From Muirfield Association, Inc.
Bob Fathman, President
Board of Trustees

You may have noticed yellow tape and signs at entrances to Muirfield's pathways this week, with a few more coming tomorrow. Our staff are sealing all 29 miles of paths, just as folks seal driveways, to help the paving endure UV rays, salt and water damage, freezing and thawing, and other damages. Please respect the tapes -- a few have been taken down and we've had to send crews out to re-install them.

The product we use is made here in Columbus, and is not coal-tar based. It is a synthetic, more environmentally friendly that way. Nothing is perfect, but it emits less noxious gas than what occurs using a gas weed-whacker or filling your car with gas, Minnesota, for example, bans coal tar products but accepts the one we use. This website answers in more detail answers to any safety questions you may have: http://www.pavementcouncil.org. We have had ideal weather* for the application -- warm to hot temps, meaning the sealant is quick to dry, and no rain, so between the heat and dryness, no runoff into creaks or nearby land.

Any questions or comments, please use the contact section of our website. The pathway tunnel repair projects the City is doing, together with the sealing, should have our paths in great shape very shortly. Thanks for your patience.

*Drying time depends on weather. Hot and dry weather with lots of sun will dry pavement much more quickly than cooler temperatures with humidity and clouds. Sections of paths can dry in as little as 24 hours but crews will wait to remove tape until the complete section they are working on is truly dry.

Published September 27, 2017

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