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Mailbox Damage Due to Paving/Curb Work
Political Signs
Unwanted Soliciting this Week in Muirfield

Mailbox Damage Due to Paving/Curb Work

The City of Dublin has been working on a curb restoration project in several areas of Muirfield. More areas may be affected soon. The city has posted information on this work here. At this time, we do not have any more information other than what is posted on that page.

During street or curb work, mailbox units may be removed and laid on the lawn. Sometimes damage occurs in the process of removing, laying, and replacing the mailbox. Caps can become loose or fall off, trim and support boards could be damaged, or the mailbox could be dented.

If your mailbox is damaged as a result of the curb and paving programs ONLY (read this if your mailbox is damaged by something other than the curb and street maintenance program) contact Jeremy Cooper at the City of Dublin at 614-410-4634. Tell him your name, Muirfield street address, and that your unit was damaged during paving or curb work. Please do not call Mr. Cooper for any reason other than damage that occurred due to paving or curb work.

It is important that you make a report as soon as possible. It is easier to make a claim when the damage is fresh than several months down the road. If you wait too long, it could be questioned whether the damage occurred as a result of the paving company or someone else. If it is determined the damage resulted from someone other than the paving company, the cost of repairing or replacing the mailbox unit will fall on you. Therefore, it is in your best interest to file a claim quickly. All claims for damage must be made by the homeowner (as opposed to the Association office).

Once a damage claim is filed, the city will investigate it. They will utilize photos that the paving company took of your mailbox before construction began. If it is found that the paving company caused the damage to your unit, the city will contact the office. We will repair or replace the unit as needed and bill the city, who in turn will bill the paving company. We won’t start work on your mailbox until the city contacts us with an agreement to pay for it.

Again, please call Mr. Cooper only if your damage was done as a result of paving and curb work. Read if your mailbox is damaged by something else or call the office with questions at 614-889-0922.

Political Signage in Muirfield

This year's general election will be on Tuesday, November 6. We encourage residents to display signs when the appropriate time comes. Residents are welcome to display political signage per the following guidelines:

Please be aware that signs that are found in the common ground or in city right-of-ways are subject to removal.

Unwanted Soliciting this Week in Muirfield

The office has received some calls about unwanted and sometimes aggressive door to door soliciting this week in Muirfield. One sales pitch that is prevalent is for magazines, which could be a scam.

The city has strict rules about soliciting and we have covered solicitors in length before. To summarize: anyone soliciting must have a city permit, it must be on them, and they must show you the permit if asked. If they do not have a permit (or even if they do) and you feel intimidated, pressured, or if something just does not feel “right”, call the police on their non-emergency number at 614-889-1112. The police will run them off.

Do not think you are bothering the police by calling. At best, unwanted solicitors are a nuisance. At worst, they are scammers or are those looking to scout out the area for an opportunity to commit a crime.

Placing flyers in mail slots is not covered under the soliciting policy, nor is anyone who is not soliciting funds or donations plus is disseminating a lawful message (political or religious).

Published September 5, 2018

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