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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: July 19, 2019

Update from the very busy Muirfield HOA Board Meeting this week

1. Pools: Surviving the heat? With no storms on the horizon, I’ll guess this will be one busy weekend at our Muirfield pools and splash park, and I hope all will stay hydrated. We have good news and bad news about the pools. First the bad news – both have leaks that we thought our staff had been able to repair. Once the season ends we have a company coming in that specializes in finding these kinds of leaks. They use scuba divers, and cameras in that can make right angle turns in the pipes. We are all holding our breath about potential costs, We will keep you posted on what the repairs will involve. Now the really good news: since the start of the season until now, there have been no “bathroom accidents” at either pool! Yes, no closures for cleaning and shocking, no inconvenience to residents nor staff, just good swimming time. [There was one time a child choked after swallowing water and spit up what was mostly water.] The renewal of time out rest breaks for lap swimming seems to have helped get this desired bonus effect – kids use the restrooms when out of the pool. We have had comments on both sides of the rest break issue, and we will review the policy after the season ends. Please cooperate with the staff who must implement the Board’s policies. We value our life guards and other staff, and sometimes hear of residents rudely refusing to comply with rules they need to enforce. We thank the vast majority of you who treat these employees with respect and compliance.

2. Cable/electrical boxes: We have worked with City of Dublin staff at successfully getting the corporate owners of some of those electrical boxes repaired, repainted or replaced, ones that were most egregiously broken open exposing wires, rusted, on their sides. It took much time and effort from City staff, but has resulted in some nice improvements. They get damaged by mowing contractors and in other benign ways, but we want to get them all looking “Muirfield quality” as much as is possible. Here is the plan: If you would please look at the boxes near your home or walking paths and see one in need of repair, first see if you can find a label identifying ownership, such as Spectrum, Wow, AEP, etc., maybe take a photo to help you remember, and call that company to ask for a repair. Be ready to give detailed location, such as “in the side yard between homes at 1234 and 1236 Xxx street.” If there is no label, or if that process doesn’t seem to work, send a note with those specific location details to me, Bob Fathman,rfathman@gmail.com. I’ll compile them and sort by location before turning them over to the City staff,

3. The bridge near the gazebo at the Holbrook pool area is showing its age, some rotting of the support structure, and will be replaced probably in the winter. We’ll send an alert when it is to close. It is safe, just showing its age.

4. Once again the report from the Design Control Committee has good news. We've heard of folks thinking of adding an inlaw suite to accommodate aging parents, Large ideas like that, small ones like changing out paint color or windows, doing some re-landscaping to get rid of overgrown shrubbery -- we are happy to get your plans and will do our best to facilitate quick approval. 229 residents submitted plans for updating houses or landscaping, with 96% of plans approved! Our Board and staff encourage these updates, and still make available free to every resident an hour-long visit to your home by a landscape architect and a home architect to consult and brainstorm ideas with you. We are unaware of any other subdivision anywhere offering this benefit. Just call the office to get on the list: 614-889-0922,

5. The waterfall pump at the Holbrook recreation area has again died, and our staff will replace it, but also will improve the location of the pump water line to shorten the path and increase efficiency. You may notice a small amount of digging in the area.

6. The Glick Rd. playground slides will be replaced in November. Temporary repairs have been made.

7. G & F: Three new members were appointed to the Grounds and Facilities Committee: Karen Taylor, Danielle D'Onofrio and Shawn Sentz. Thanks to all of you who applied. We have such great volunteerism among our residents, you all help us make this a terrific place to live.

Published July 18, 2019

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