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Panhandling in Dublin; Volunteer to help neighbors in need

From Muirfield Association, Inc.
Bob Fathman, President
Board of Trustees

Panhandling in Dublin: You can read on Dublin's website all about this relatively recent problem by going to the post on the City's website. Or the Reader's Digest version, copied from the City website is summarized in this message from the City:

"Do not give panhandlers money or anything of value!

There are better ways to assist the homeless. Do not be fooled; food, shelter, and assistance are available to those in need. Panhandling for drugs or alcohol is very common. Do not be angry or feel guilty. While in a vehicle, do not roll down your window or engage in conversation with those standing on the side of the road panhandling."

The City is also asking for volunteers for a program they have named "Yard Squad: Neighbors helping Neighbors." This is a matching referral service that pairs people willing to help the elderly, those in crisis, or those who have actively deployed family members in the military. Volunteers will be asked to check in regularly, offer to help with yard work, outdoor projects and upkeep. Interested? Please e-mail our City's wonderful Director of Volunteers, Christine Nardecchia at volunteer@dublin.oh.us.

Published October 24, 2017

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