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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: August 8, 2019

November Election News for Muirfield Residents

BREAKING NEWS:The filing deadline was last night at 5 to become a candidate for the local elections November 5th. Pending certification of valid signatures, here are the results for local elections:

School Board:Scott Melody, current President, and member Chris Valentine will be re-elected, as they are unopposed. No challengers have filed.

Washington Township Trustee:Trustee Gene Bostic is retiring. Jan Rozanski will be elected, because there is no opposition. Jan will join incumbents Denise King and Chuck Kranstuber. Fiscal Officer Joyce Robinson is also running unopposed for re-election.

Dublin City Council:Here, competition heats up. Five people are running for three at-large seats on Council. Incumbent Mike Keenan is retiring. Incumbents Christina Alutto and Christine Groomes are re-running, and will be joined by challengers Sandi Allen, Andrew Keeler and Ajay Styapriya. Get ready for yard signs, robocalls and mail drops. The Muirfield Civic Action Committee will be asking candidates to respond to a few questions, and we’ll get those responses to you before absentee voting begins.

If you are new to Muirfield or have moved since you last registered to vote, you will need to register or update your registration. And if you have a student who will be 18 by November 5th, they should register now. And we can all vote by mail now, if we request what is called an “absentee” ballot. You need not be absent to vote this way. Here is how to register and also how to vote by mail …

If you live in Franklin County: click here https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/ From that page you can click again on “Register to vote” or to check your voter registration, or click on “absentee voting” and click again on the next page to “apply for an absentee ballot.”

If you live in the Delaware County part of Muirfield, click here: https://boardofelections.co.delaware.oh.us/ You will see places to easily click to register or to apply for the absentee ballot.

Do it today, print a form to fill out and mail for each voter in the household. You won’t receive the ballot until about a month before the election, but at least you have the paperwork out of the way while it is fresh in mind.

Published August 8, 2019

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