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MUIRFIELD eNEWS: June 22, 2019

Muirfield Area Updates

Happy Summer, Muirfielders! Yes, Summer began yesterday and is has been sunny all day, a good day to use our pools. While it has only rained twice this Spring, the first time was for 30 days and the second time was for 40, so we are happy to see lawns and gardens drying out a little, halting, we hope, some of the leaf-drop and yellowing we are seeing! Here are some updates for you ...

1. With all that rain has come some mosquitos, and West Nile Virus, carried by mosquitoes, has been found in Muirfield! so, the Franklin County Board of Health is going to spray large areas of Dublin, including areas of Muirfield that are east of Muirfield Drive and Concord Rd. This is to occur on Tuesday, June 25th, starting about 9 pm. While the spray is reported to bg harmless to kids and pets, I personally would close my windows that night and have kids and pets inside by 9. East of Muirfield Drive means the area between that road and Dublin Rd. West Nile Virus Symptoms: Mild fever, Headache, Body aches, Skin rash, Swollen lymph glands.

2. Glick was closed for a few hours today between Davington and Muirfield Drive. I hope it has reopened now. That was for a water main repair, and it snuck up on us with no advance notice.

3. Good, really excellent, news, in Business First yesterday: "Dublin's seen five potential big office expansions proposed in the last seven weeks, promising almost 1,650 new jobs." Although the companies are offered financial incentives for locating or expanding here, it brings in needed income tax revenue, occupancy to vacant spaces or new construction, and is a very healthy boost for all local restaurant and retail establishments. Great job done by our Dublin Economic Development Director [Colleen GIlger} and staff, with support and leadership form our City Manager and Council. We need all that to offset residential building which costs the City and School DIstrict money, whereas business expansion generated revenue. We already are the financial envy of every city in Ohio, with a cash reserve of 75% of our annual budget and the highest rating possible from all three national bond rating agencies. , Just one more thing to be proud of in this great city.

Published June 22, 2019

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