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Election Info: Yard Signs, Candidates, Vote by Mail

From Muirfield Association, Inc.
Bob Fathman, President
Board of Trustees

Election Yard Signs may be placed in your yard beginning next Tuesday, Oct. 17 -- 3 weeks before the Nov. 7 election.

Yes, there is a General Election on November 7. All eligible voters are urged to vote in this General Election. State and County issues, Dublin City Council members, Dublin City Schools Board of Education members and Washington Township Trustees will all be determined by the electorate in this General Election. While the board of education and township trustees are running unopposed, there are judges, State Constitution and other important choices on the ballot. Please take time to register to vote, including young people who will be 18 years old on or before November 7. Registration closes today, October 10!. Also, residents who have changed their addresses need to notify their respective County Board of Elections.

Certified candidates for Muirfield residents are:

Franklin County voters will decide a tax issue for the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, a renewal of $428/year, for 10 years, beginning in 2019. Residents currently are assessed at this same rate – no new taxes with this issue.

Those of our residents who live in the Delaware County part of Muirfield also have a tax levy issue on the ballot. The Delaware County Preservation Parks Board is asking for a renewal of the existing 0.6 mill levy, and a 50% increase as a 0.3 mill new levy. For the average Muirfield home valued at $400,000, approval of the levy will take the tax from $76 per year to $114.72. You can read the finer details by clicking here: http://www.delgazette.com/news/58251/preservation-parks-announces-november-levy.

Citizens have the opportunity vote by mail before November 7. Submit your request for an absentee ballot NOW. Voting my mail allows more time to review the candidates and issues and is a convenient choice provided to voters. Ballots will be mailed to you right away. Be sure they are mailed back in the enclosed envelope by Nov. 6.

To vote by mail …

1. If you live in the Franklin County part of Muirfield: https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/absentee/#request

2. Or if you live in the Delaware County part of Muirfield: http://delawareboe.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/absentee.pdf

In either case, on the ballot you need to fill in the date of the election, Nov. 7, 2017, and checkmark the box that you will be voting in the “General Election.” Don’t wait, click, fill in the info and then print, sign and mail the request today. Contact the county board of elections with any questions.

Published October 10, 2017

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