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Car break-ins; Glick Road Closure; Senior Citizen levy on May ballot

Just last night at least two Muirfield cars were broken into, with small change and a Garmin stolen. This was off Dunsinane, a gated area. The Dublin P.D. slogan: "Like it? Lock it?" but also hide it out of sight and just don't leave any valuables in cars. Leaving porch lights on may be of help.

The Columbus Division of Water sent an e-mail today narrowing the dates the O'Shaughnessy Dam bridge will be closed in both directions. It will close for about 3 weeks, sometime between June 5 and July 14th. Note -- it will not close that entire time, just for about 3 weeks. We will keep you updated. Signs along the road will also give advance notice and detour info.

Election: if you live in Delaware County, there is no primary election for you. If you are in the Franklin County part of Muirfield, be aware that the Senior Citizen Agency is asking for a 40% increase in their tax levy. You can today go to the website of the Franklin Co. Board of Elections, https://vote.franklincountyohio.gov/absentee/#request enter info for each voter in the home, and individually print, sign and mail a "request for absentee ballot." Within 24 hours your ballots will be in the mail. There is just one issue to vote on, no candidates. Or show up at your poling place on May 2nd, there should be no waiting at all.

In a related note, the Dublin Chamber of Commerce will provide free volunteers to help with Spring chores for seniors in need. If you know someone in need, or want to volunteer, call the Chamber at 614-889-2001.

Muirfield Association, Inc.
Civic Action Committee
Bob Fathman, Chair

These Muirfield Neighbors are on the Muirfield Association's Civic Action Committee, bringing you these alerts and other advocacy efforts: Tom Oleksa, Charlotte Coomer, Mike Grodhaus, Eva Cioffari, Robin Miller, Michele Fortson, Kevin Casey, Christy Kuret, Barry Halpern, Debbie Gibson, John League, Fujio Hayashi, Paula Linehan, Tanya Mathew, Greg Beswick, Rob Carlisle and Bob Fathman [Chair].

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