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The Muirfield Association Board of Trustees met last week bade farewell to one of our nine Board Members, Chris Curry, as his term is up in April and he is not running for re-election. As CEO in his company, Chris has extensive out of town travel and is just too busy to continue on the Board. He was thanked for his many contributions and very active role.

The Annual Meeting for the Muirfield Association will be Wednesday, April 25th, at the Country Club of Muirfield Village, on Muirfield Drive. Save the date, more details will follow with the ballots for election to the Board. Five are running for three seats, including two incumbents. You will receive by e-mail, or snail mail if you don't have a digital relationship with us, not only election ballots but you will also be asked to vote on several changes to our bylaws. Many sections are archaic. For example they specify what we will do when 40 homes have been built, or 100. Our attorney has told us it is time to bring it all up to date with current reality. Watch for these important e-mails.

Spring cleanup is underway, so you will see staff scurrying about. Please use caution for those brave workers on the road in the motorized carts. Likewise, if you ae using the playgrounds, you will notice equipment being used to install anchors for more shade sails,. We had several thanks in the survey for that those added structures at the pools and playgrounds in our survey, and requests for more. Request granted!

The latest version of The Muirfield List is now on our website, in the Members area, thanks to Board Member Paula Linehan who created that and keeps it updated. In the survey we were asked to maintain a list of vendors who can be used for new windows, painting, decks and so on. As an organization, we cannot do that, but the Muirfield List is neighbor to neighbor, no endorsement from the Association. Vendor get on the list only if you have used that person or company and recommend them for the List, with your contact info on display as the person making the recommendation.

The Board and staff encourage you to take a look at your landscaping and driveway, see if it needs repair or updating, and maybe look at the list to find a contractor to help with the project. If you are changing a look, a color, the landscaping, you need approval from the Design Control Committee. Forms are on the website. And we try to move those requests right along, with the DCC meeting every two weeks. At the March Board meeting it was reported that 90.4% of all requests had been approved by the time of the 2nd submission of documents. Most get approved at first submission, just be sure to provide all the requested detail. If no visible changes from the original are being made, no submission is needed, such as repainting a door the same color.

Finally, it was reported that a new pool manager had been hired -- more on that as the season nears. Happy Spring, soon, uh, once we get past the ugly weather arriving for the next couple of days.

Oh, as an extra note, not from the Board Meeting, AEP has notified many residents that over the next few weeks they will be installing a new "Smart Meter" on our homes. That will lead to a very brief interruption in power, just a few minutes. So don't be alarmed if you see people along side your home. All will have i.d. And it will mean that in the future, no "meterman" will be walking our properties, as the new meters will be read remotely.

Published March 19, 2018

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