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SECTION 4: Living in Muirfield Village

Signage Policy

The sign policy for Muirfield Association, Inc. describes type of signs approved for use in Muirfield Village. It is intended to clarify the overall uniform appearance of signs approved for use in Muirfield Village which are compatible with the natural environment.

Allowed Signage

Realtors, builders or property owners may use signage to advertise a house For Sale as follows:







Non-Standard Signage

Exterior signage is very limited in Muirfield Village. To obtain permission to place any sign that does not meet the definition of a standard sign requires application to the MDCC for review. When submitting an application it is important to include the type of sign requested, such as post and arm or metal tube type. Signs must not be placed on common elements nor on street posts or in City rights-of-way.

Signage found on common elements will be removed and stored for 60 days. Residents are encouraged to use newspaper or electronic media to advertise their sale.

Prohibited exterior signage includes:

Political Signage

Garage Sale/Yard Sale Signage

Enforcement: The Association staff or other appointee may remove signs that do not comply with the rules. If removed, the signs will be stored at the Association office and disposed of if not claimed within 60 days. The sign guidelines are available at the link below and upon request from the Association office.

Download the Sign Guidelines

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