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SECTION 4: Living in Muirfield Village

Home Exterior Accessories Policy


Satellite Dish Application & Guidelines

Cable and Utility Services



Lawn Furniture

Lawn Furniture can be a welcome temporary addition to outdoor living areas. When not in use, lawn furniture must be stored on the deck, patio, porch or garage.

Lawn Ornaments /Bird Feeders /Statuary /Fountains /Banners /Decorations

The MDCC must approve all permanently-placed bird feeders, statues, yard figurines, fountains and other types of lawn ornamentation before placement on the property. Approvals are granted or denied case-by-case based on the conformity and harmony of the proposed plans with Muirfield Design Standards, other structures in Muirfield Village and the effect on natural elements and neighboring properties. All ornamentation must be scaled to fit the area and compliment the architecture of the home. All approved ornamentation must be kept in good condition.


The majority of mailboxes on Muirfield Village properties include a unique single-arm mailbox unit specifically designed and built by the Association’s maintenance staff. It is the responsibility of the owner to see that the mailbox unit is kept in good condition. As a service to our residents, Muirfield maintenance staff will install and perform maintenance to the mailbox unit for a fee. Contact the Association office for assistance with repairs and pricing. At this time, there is no fee to re-paint or replace broken or missing numbers.

Some sub-associations within our community feature cluster mailbox units or posts specific to that neighborhood. In those areas, owners must contact the sub-association’s representative for assistance with maintenance/replacement.

Other styles, sizes or color of mailbox units are prohibited. Attaching signage, banners and advertising, including invisible fencing signs, is prohibited. Shrubbery or vines planted near mailboxes must allow an unobstructed view of the address numbers.

Radon Units

Refuse Containers, Trash Pick-Up and Recycling


The Muirfield Design Control Committee is empowered to protect the natural beauty of the community. Property exteriors must be kept in good condition, free of trash, any type of debris or clutter. Unless specifically approved by the MDCC in writing, no materials, supplies or equipment may be stored on the Property except inside a closed building, or behind a visual barrier screening so that they are not visible from streets or neighboring properties.

When purchasing larger items for use outside of the home, owners must consider how and where they will be stored.

There are numerous exterior storage solution systems available as well as garage organization and storage systems to eliminate clutter. The addition of an exterior storage system as well as permanent structures such as a utility shed or utility screens require the approval of the MDCC before locating on the property.

Recreational Equipment

Playsets, Forts, and other Recreational Equipment
Exterior Storage for Large Sports Nets/Equipment

Basketball Equipment

Basketball Equipment Application & Guidelines

U. S., State of Ohio and Military Flags

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