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When management of The Muirfield Association was turned over to the owners in 1987, a nine-member Board of Directors, the governing body representing Owners, Residents and the Association, was formed. These nine residents voluntarily dedicate their time and talents to serve the interests of the community. They are elected to three-year terms during voting at an annual meeting. Director terms are staggered so that each year, three members are elected to serve three year terms. They must be residents in good standing whose member rights and privileges have not been suspended and they must be able to attend the bi-monthly meetings. The directors are dedicated to long-term good management, controlled growth and fiscal responsibility. Their thoughtful concern ensures reasonable protection of each owner's environment.

The Board of Directors is responsible for setting policies that align with the Muirfield Declaration (Warranty Deed), By-Laws and the Articles of Incorporation. They approve the annual operating budget and capital expenditures.

The Board of Directors meet the third Wednesday of every other month at the Association office.

Residents are welcome to address the Board by giving written notice to the Association not less than one week prior to the meeting. Notice may be mailed, delivered, or emailed to info@muirfieldassociation.com. If requesting a hearing in response to a letter of violation for your property, please visit Hearing Procedure and Request for a Hearing. To contact the Board of Directors, email info@muirfieldassociation.com.

Meet the Board of Directors

Robert Fathman | President

Resident since 1991

Since I was elected to the Board in 2005, it's been gratifying to work to enhance our Muirfield's Village neighborhood. It's been my goal to work with my fellow Directors to constantly update Muirfield - including improvements to the pools, playgrounds, landscaping on Muirfield Drive and pathways. We also strive to be good stewards of your funds, and to be transparent in all that we do, keeping you, our neighbors and friends, aware of all that we are doing and deciding. It continues to be an honor and a pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors and work with such a stellar staff for our unique community.

Tom Oleksa | Vice President

Resident since 2001

My wife, Beverly, and I have called The Moors of Muirfield, home for over sixteen years. We chose this community because of all the benefits such as the pools, tennis courts, open walkways, and especially the beautifully maintained common grounds. These are the reasons I feel fortunate to have been a member and Chair the Grounds & Facilities Committee for over eight years.

Having the privilege to be chosen to serve on the Board allows me the opportunity to give back to all the homeowners by listening to their needs, providing guidance, and constantly work to keep Muirfield moving in a positive direction to maintain its number one place in the City of Dublin.

Paula Linehan | Secretary

Resident since 1985

I have loved and lived in Muirfield Village since 1985. It is a unique community that deserves the nationwide attention it receives. In 2001 I began my real estate practice and saw how communities changed over time, sometimes not for the better. I became passionate about helping Muirfield maintain and expand its reputation as Dublin's premier community in which to live. To do this we have to maintain our home values. Steps that have been taken to accomplish this are the Annual Muirfield Home Improvement Seminars sponsored by the Muirfield Association, the "Muirfield List" of recommended vendors available to members of the Muirfield Social Activities Committee, and the architectural and landscaping consultations made available to each home owner in Muirfield Village. We are a diverse community, but what we share is pride in where we live, Muirfield Village. I am honored to have been elected to serve you on the Muirfield Village Board of Directors. I welcome the opportunity to listen to your needs and encourage board discussion of your ideas and/or concerns. Working together we will continue to expand the amenities and services offered to Muirfield residents, amenities and services that other communities would not even think of or consider.

Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher | Treasurer

Resident since 2004

After becoming an empty nester, I was interested in living in a condominium that had a home like surroundings. I was lucky enough to find such an environment at Glenbarr. Through the Board’s diligence, Muirfield's deed restrictions and design standards have kept the beauty of the area and property values. I have been active in the Dublin and Central Ohio community since 1978 and believe that experience will be an asset in addressing issues in Muirfield Village. As a Board member I will work with my fellow Directors to maintain the reputation of Muirfield as a premier community.

John Reiner

Resident since 1979

Muirfield Village has been home for my family and me for thirty-three years. I am glad that our four children were able to grow up in this family-oriented PUD community that promised restrictions to ensure the quality of life we wanted for them. With the city's progressive planning, quality schools nearby, and the security of my neighborhood's restrictions, I feel we've enjoyed wonderful opportunities in the Muirfield area. I am proud to be a long-time member of the Muirfield Association Board of Directors who've worked so hard to protect our reputation and continues to find ways to enhance the qualities of life we all enjoy in this community.

Rory Gaydos

Resident since 2008

Muirfield Village has been home for my wife Christina, five children, and me since 2008. In addition to my immediate family, I am lucky enough to also have my parents and Mother-in-law as Muirfield Village residents as well. I am proud to have served on the grounds and facilities committee for 7 years and will work hard to find new and innovative ways to ensure we remain a premier community. I will do my very best to enhance the qualities of life we all enjoy and expect as Muirfield Village residents while working to be as transparent and efficient as possible. Please email me with any feedback or suggestions you may have at: rory.muirfieldvillage@gmail.com.

Diana Evans

Resident since 1978

Our family built and moved into our Muirfield home in 1978. I have been active on the Muirfield Grounds & Facilities Committee as well as on the Board of Directors. I was President of the Directors for two years. I am active in the Muirfield Village Garden Club, a 27 year docent at the Columbus Zoo, and a member of the Dublin Community Church. I am proud to be a part of the leading role the Board of Directors has taken in recent years to enhance the quality of life for all our residents.

Pam Ellinger

Resident since 1998

As a current committee member who has served on the Muirfield Village Grounds and Facilities Committee for 11 years (three years as chairman), I have the experience to preserve Muirfield Village as a premier community while remaining fiscally responsible. My professional experience in business accounting, finance and management combined with my civic leadership experience enable me to work with fellow committee members and residents to enhance the quality of life in Muirfield Village.

I believe it is important to listen to our fellow residents and to respond to their ideas and concerns in a timely manner. I enjoy long-range planning with others to reach the goal of attaining the best possible outcomes for our community where my husband, Jim McGrady, and I have been residents for 23 years. I have the enthusiasm, experience and availability to be a contributing member of the Muirfield Village Association Board of Director

Professional Experience and Education: Fiesta Hair Salons, Inc. - CFO - 9 years. Ernst & Young, LLP Certified Public Accountants - 10 years. The Ohio State University - B.S. Business Management. Franklin University – Accounting

Civic & Volunteer Experience: Muirfield Village Grounds & Facilities Committee - 11 years (Committee Member and Committee Chair) Muirfield Village Garden Club - 18 years (President, Treasurer) Garden Club of Ohio – 7 years (Columbus District Director, State Convention Chairman, Blue Star Memorial Chairman.) Dublin Arts Council - 4 years (President and Committee Member)

Ray DiRossi

Resident since 2005

My wife, Jennifer, and I moved to Muirfield in 2005. I have always been very involved, volunteering my time to enhance life in Muirfield. Both of our children swam with Muirfins and my wife and I served as Board members of Muirfins for several years.

Since 2011, I have been a member of the Murfield Village Civic Association (MVCA,) which later became the Muirfield Social Activities Committee (MSAC). These committees have been responsible for delivering social activities and community events for the residents of Muirfield. Some of our most popular events are the Annual Santa Brunch, the Fishing Derby, and the Spring Egg Hunt. I served as Chair of MVCA and currently serve as Chair of MSAC. In fact, I am the one in costume as Santa and the Muirfield Bunny each year! I also spent five years volunteering on Muirfield's Grounds and Facilities Committee, which helped to oversee our trails, paths, pools and numerous other community assets.

My professional career focuses on Ohio’s budgets and tax policy, financial skills that will be an asset to the Board making the best use of limited resources. I want to continue serving the community, by applying my many years of experience and involvement to help Muirfield Village remain a beautiful and vibrant community. Muirfield is an amazing community with wonderful people, a great history, and is an incredible place to raise a family.

Contact the Board of Directors

To contact the Board of Directors send an email to info@muirfieldassociation.com.

To request a hearing: To request a hearing in response to a letter of violation for your property, please visit Hearing Procedure and Request for a Hearing for more information.

To address the Board during a regular meeting: send written notice to the Association not less than one week prior to the meeting. Notice may be mailed, delivered, or emailed to info@muirfieldassociation.com. The Association office will reply with a confirmation of your request.

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