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Vision Statement for the Muirfield Association Civic Action Committee (CAC)
The Civic Action Committee seeks to shape the future of Muirfield Village by preserving and protecting its exceptional beauty and high quality standards. This is accomplished by strongly advocating for changes or projects that meet or exceed these standards and opposing those that detract from them.

The Muirfield Civic Action Committee is a group of about 9 residents who work with City and other officials to advocate on issues of importance to Muirfield residents. The CAC discusses local developments, like the placement of a water tower, the need for bike lanes and paths, proposed development of vacant land in and adjacent to Muirfield – all with the interest of keeping Muirfield the excellent community it is. This sometimes involves organizing a coalition with neighboring HOAs. During election years, the CAC analyzes the impact of proposed tax increases and provides that to residents, and in contested local elections the CAC addresses candidates with questions of interest to homeowners here. Among its most notable accomplishments was working with American Electric Power to secure $14 million in upgrades to the electrical infrastructure delivering power to Muirfield homes.

The group meets one evening every other month, usually the 2nd Tuesday, 7 pm, in the home of Chair, Bob Fathman. Email rfathman@gmail.com for additional information.

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