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Trying to find the Association office? Don't use a GPS! Use these directions instead.

Muirfield Maps

There are two Muirfield maps available. Click on an image below for the full size version. These are large files and will take time to load. Once the larger image appears, click the scaling button in the upper right corner to enlarge the map to full size.

Navigate the pathways on the go! Did you know that Google Maps displays most (but not quite all) of the pathways? On smart phones, download the Google Maps app or open Google Maps in a browser and then search for "Muirfield Village Dublin Ohio". Staff was able to use at least one method to view the paths on an iPhone, Android and a Windows phone.

Muirfield Village Map    Muirfield Path Map

Muirfield Village Map PDF
Muirfield Pathways Map PDF

Directions to the Association Office

We strongly recommend that you do not use a GPS to pinpoint the Association office simply by using the "8372 Muirfield Drive" address. Use the directions below, download a PDF map and directions to our office, or view the Google map below which pinpoints our office using latitude and longitude..

To locate the Association Office from the south:
Drive north on Muirfield Drive and continue north through the Brand Road roundabout. Pass Muirfield Green Blvd. on the right, then Crossgate Drive, then our driveway is next on the right. There will be a sign for Tarton Drive to the left and there will be a large pond with a gazebo: turn right (east) before the pond. Pass the pool and tennis courts and the Association office building is at the end of the driveway.

To locate the Association Office from the north:
Drive south on Muirfield Drive. Look for Tarton Drive on the right and the pond and gazebo on the left. Turn left into the driveway that is across the street from Tarton Drive. Pass the pool and tennis courts and the Association office building is at the end of the driveway.

Google Maps:
The following Google map pinpoints our office using latitude and longitude. This is a much more reliable method than just using our address.

We do not recommend using GPS as your only means of navigation. It has been our experience that drivers are often directed to Crossgate Drive instead of our office. However, if you wish to try it, our address is:

Muirfield Association
8372 Muirfield Drive
Dublin, Ohio 43017

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