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The Grounds and Facilities Committee, made up of resident members, serve as liaisons to the Board of Directors. This committee gathers recommendations and makes suggestions to the Board of Directors pertaining to the maintenance of pathways, landscaping, lakes and capital projects for the common elements as well as making recommendations pertaining to the rules, maintenance, safety, programs and capital projects for the pool and tennis facilities.

The Grounds and Facilities Committee meets with the General Manager at the Association office on the last Monday of each month, March through November. The chairman of the committee provides a report at the Board of Director meetings.

Members of the Grounds and Facilities Committee are elected for three-year terms. This is a voluntary position and committee members can be elected to multiple terms.

The Members Area of the website contains the Grounds & Facilities minutes from past meetings.

Grounds and Facilities Committee Members

Pam Ellinger, Chair
Mark Ransom
Ray DiRossi
Danielle D'Onofrio
Karen Taylor
Alesia Miller
Gary Sentz
Kyle Lucus
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