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SECTION 4: Living in Muirfield Village

Design Review Policy

The Muirfield Association, Inc. looks forward to working with residents who wish to update and upgrade their properties. The following guidelines will help guide the process of working with the Muirfield Design Control Committee (MDCC) for approval of any exterior changes desired.

Owners are required to apply for approval of proposed exterior projects and the MDCC must approve or disapprove the plans. All new construction, exterior additions, remodeling or alterations, as well as changes to landscaping must be reviewed and approved in writing by the MDCC before any work begins. All requests for variances from the Design Standards or any other rule or regulation must also be made in writing. All variances granted shall be considered unique and will not set a precedent for future decisions by the MDCC. Individual forms may be found on the Design Review page.

Owners will be best equipped for project approval by selecting recommended materials and submitting all required samples, pictures and drawings in a timely fashion. Each project is unique as are the submission requirements. Some projects may require an architect, a general contractor and professional drawings. The more information provided, the easier it is for the MDCC to understand the project concept and intention. An application submission must include:

Consideration for approval may include but is not limited to:

Should the committee disapprove the application, the project may not start until modifications to the original application are made, resubmitted to the MDCC and written approval received. The MDCC has the right to disapprove any plans and specifications submitted to it due to any of the following:

It is important to remember that even if in the same neighborhood, no two properties are alike and no two applications are the same. Each application is reviewed as a separate and unique case with many aspects to be considered. Therefore, each application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

All structural additions, alterations, and improvements by an Owner must also be made in compliance with all laws, rules, ordinances, and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction. An Owner making or causing to be made any structural additions, alterations, or improvements agrees and is deemed to have agreed to hold the Association and all other Owners harmless from any liability arising therefrom.

The MDCC may issue a variance from the requirements set forth in this Handbook or in any rules or regulations the MDCC adopts to comply with Federal, state, or local laws, requirements, and/or ordinances. Any variance granted by the MDCC will be considered unique and will not set any precedent for future MDCC decisions.

The MDCC may promulgate additional rules governing the form and content of plans to be submitted for approval and may issue statements of policy with respect to approval or disapproval of the architectural styles or details or other matters which may be presented for approval. Such rules may add to, clarify, interpret, expound, and/or elaborate on the architectural guidelines and restrictions provided for in this Handbook, including but not limited to rules on color, materials, location, and size of any improvements on a Lot or Dwelling. The Association may establish a reasonable fee for MDCC plan review, which fee the Owner must pay in accordance with the procedures the MDCC adopts. Such rules and such statements of policy may be amended or revised by the MDCC from time to time and no inclusion in, omission from, or amendment of, any such rule or statement is deemed to bind the MDCC to approve or disapprove any feature or matter subject to approval, or to waive the exercise of the MDCC’s discretion as to any such matter, but no change of policy shall affect the finality of any approval granted prior to such change.

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