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SECTION 4: Paint Maintenance Policy

The Muirfield Design Standards, By-Laws and Warranty Deed require that the exterior of each house in Muirfield Village be maintained on a regular basis using approved materials and colors. Each house is unique and shows age at different intervals. The amount of sun, shade, rain, type of siding and amount of insulation are things that have an effect on the exterior of the house. As properties age they require maintenance and improvements to prevent them from falling into disrepair. Regular routine inspection is essential to protecting the outside of the house.

The following conditions suggest paint or stain maintenance is required:

Changing the color on any portion of the house or undertaking a complete re-paint or re-stain requires prior approval from the Muirfield Design Control Committee (MDCC).

The color palette of a home is made up of the main body siding, trim areas and accent colors. The overall color scheme must reflect a complimentary, unified appearance blending with the natural surroundings. For this reason earth toned colors are best. Awnings, shutters and roofs must be considered in the overall color scheme. A limited number of accent colors are permitted for shutters and front entry doors. A two-color scheme is encouraged to provide visual appeal. The main body is the predominant color on the home. The trim color must be complimentary to the main body color. In a three-color scheme, an accent color may be used sparingly to highlight the front door and shutters.

Trim areas include: windows, garage doors, entry doors, storm doors, screen doors, columns, trim boards, corner boards, soffits, fascia, decks and porches. Also included are vents, utility pipes, meters, equipment, gutters and downspouts. Storage sheds, fences, outdoor living spaces, and permanent sports equipment must also follow the same color scheme.


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