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Recreational Equipment

The installation of all recreational equipment (play sets, trampolines, basketball equipment, swimming pools, tennis courts, spas or hot tubs etc.) requires written permission of the MDCC.

Play and sports equipment must be located in the buildable area of the lot at least 10’ from any neighboring lot lines. Play sets made of cedar or redwood must be left untreated to age naturally or stained the trim color of the house.

If the equipment is made of treated lumber, it must be painted the trim color of the house. The accessories may be earth-tone colors only. Primary-colored accessories are prohibited. Consideration must be given to the placement of the equipment to avoid high visibility to neighbors or obstructing views of natural elements and golf courses. The equipment may be placed on grass, however, a request for placement on mulch or other edging material will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Flags and striped tarps are prohibited on play sets.

Download the Recreational Equipment and Playsets Application & Guidelines

Portable sports equipment such as basketball units, sports nets, ball returns, etc. must be stored inside when not in use. Unless specifically approved by the Committee in writing, no materials, supplies or equipment shall be stored on the Property except inside a closed Building, or behind a visual barrier screening such areas so that they are not visible from neighboring streets or properties.

Download the Sports Nets / Sports Equipment Application & Guidelines

Basketball Equipment: Permanently installed basketball equipment must be ground-mounted and compliment the aesthetic and natural look of the neighborhood. Newly-installed basketball equipment must be black, dark forest green or painted the trim color of the home. Clear glass or acrylic backboards do not need to be painted. Any padding used must also be the color of the pole; if not, the padding must be removed and stored inside when not being used. It is prohibited to mount basketball backboards on the home or garage.

Download the Basketball Equipment Application & Guidelines

Hot Tub or spa equipment that is installed on the exterior of the house must compliment the home. Hot tubs or spas must be located on or within a patio or deck that integrates with the rest of the house and the size must be appropriate to the location. Depending on the location, the hot tub or spa must be screened. Aesthetics, privacy and courtesy must be considered.

Screening materials may consist of lattice, trellis, tall landscape elements or other approved material which may buffer noise and block views. Noise, whether from the hot tub itself or from those using it must not cause disturbance to neighboring homes.

Download the Hot Tub Application and Guidelines

Trampolines require written approval of the MDCC prior to installation so planning ahead is important. Approval is based on a case-by-case basis. As part of the approval process, a Hold Harmless Agreement must be signed and on file at the Association office before installation.

A trampoline in the backyard may be popular with kids, but be aware of the installation and continuing maintenance requirements to address safety or aesthetic concerns. An uncared-for trampoline can be an eyesore ruining an otherwise lovely landscape. Upright poles and safety netting must be kept in good condition at all times. The MDCC will require that the plants/trees selected to screen the trampoline area be large enough and tall enough to block views from the street and neighboring homes. Provide a list of the type, location and number of plants with the trampoline application. Trampoline equipment must be located at least 10’ from neighboring lot lines. An in-ground trampoline may be an option to consider. Not only safer, it's easier to hide because it's low to the ground. Some type of drainage pipe must be buried underneath it leading to an outflow basin to prevent the pit beneath the trampoline from filling with water when it rains. In this application a low seat wall around the trampoline or a row of hedges would work well as a screen.

Download the Trampoline Guidelines and Application

Swimming pools must conform to regional building codes. Above-ground pools are prohibited. Approved swimming pools must be enclosed with fencing and screened with landscaping for safety, privacy and aesthetic views. Permanent walk-on pool covers may be considered in lieu of fencing. The MDCC will review each swimming pool request on a case-by-case basis.

Download the Swimming Pool Guidelines and Application

Tennis courts may be permitted with review and approval of the MDCC. They must conform to regional building codes and adhere to the master grading plan on file at the City of Dublin. As with other recreational equipment, tennis courts must be located within the buildable area of the property and must be at least 10’ from any neighboring property line. Installation of a tennis court will involve other details including fencing and landscaping. The drawing and site plan will need to identify the materials, location and size. Owners must refer to design standards for all the varying elements involved.

Contact the Association office if you have questions about tennis court installation.

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