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Design Guidelines

The Board of Directors of the Muirfield Association, Inc. is dedicated to long-term good management, fiscal responsibility and controlled growth to preserve the Muirfield concept.

Recognizing the importance of the established design standards for Muirfield Village, the Board keeps an eye on current trends and listens to the needs and concerns of residents to ensure future sustainability of this lovely community.

The Guidelines were established to ensure that developers, architects, builders, contractors, homeowners, landscapers and residents of Muirfield Village adhere to the design requirements for building, remodeling and maintaining the character of the village. Thus, a framework is provided to:

The Guidelines provide a framework for:

The guidelines include an explanation of design principles as well as design solutions to implement those principles. By understanding and following the guidelines, the home and property will remain an integral part of the surroundings of this unique community. The Design Guidelines are a critical element in the Design Review process.

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