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Exterior Accents

Exterior Home Accessories:

Outdoor objects or highly ornamental objects must be carefully considered for impact of the natural environment of Muirfield Village. All ornamental decorations are subject to approval by the MDCC. Statuary, fountains, sculptures and other decorative objects are generally prohibited unless confined to a front entry, deck, patio or private living area, or strategically incorporated into a landscape area. These decorations are discouraged unless they supplement the natural theme. Decorative flags, banners, or other types of signage are prohibited on the exterior of properties.

Fences and Screening:

Preserving the open green space and remaining loyal to the Muirfield concept is an important factor when considering screening. In most situations, property defining fencing is not approved in Muirfield Village. There are limited instances in which fencing is appropriate and in those cases, the MDCC will consider the limited varieties that are suitable for both the style of the home and the type of application. Careful consideration must be given to the selection of materials.

Fencing and screening may be considered to provide privacy, create a secluded garden, craft a dog run, screen out utility equipment areas and secure protection spaces. Understanding the function and purpose of the screening or fencing will provide insight and help determine the appropriate type of material to use.

The application must include materials that are compatible with the architecture of the home and fit the natural character of the site. In some cases it is appropriate to screen an area with landscape and plant materials; in other circumstances, using wood, brick, stone or wrought iron fencing may be suitable. Incorporating arbors or trellises into the project are also subject to the approval of the MDCC. Fencing must be maintained within the buildable area of lot. The maximum fence height is 48” and it shall not extend beyond the width of the house. Gates must be incorporated for access to the unfenced portions of the yard as it is prohibited to encompass the entire yard with fencing. If wood fencing is approved, it must be painted the trim color of the house. Chain link fencing is prohibited.

Outdoor Lighting:

Lighting and light fixtures should be part of an overall design plan and appropriate to the architectural style of the home. Even when unlit, lighting fixtures impact a residence or space with their size and form. At night, lighting can create an inviting atmosphere through the level of intensity and strategic placement of the fixtures.

Appropriate examples:

Inappropriate examples:


The majority of properties in Muirfield Village use a unique single-arm mailbox unit specifically designed and built by the Association’s maintenance staff. Other styles, sizes or colors of mailbox units are prohibited. It is the responsibility of the owner to see that the mailbox is kept in good condition. As a service, residents may call the Association to request mailbox repairs. The Muirfield maintenance staff will install and perform maintenance to the mailbox unit for a very reasonable fee.

Some sub-associations within the Muirfield community feature cluster mailbox units or posts specific to that neighborhood. In those areas, owners should contact the sub-association’s representative for assistance with maintenance.

Attachments to the mailbox such as banners, decorative covers and advertisements are prohibited. Residents must maintain shrubbery and vines around the mailbox unit so that the home’s address is in clear view from the street.

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