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When to use these guidelines and application: use to make changes or additions to the home's landscaping, including ornamental trees in landscaping beds. There is a separate form that covers only tree removal and replacement and another form that covers just vegetable gardens.

If you are submitting a plan to install a deck, patio, gazebo or other structure that requires landscaping elements to be included with that plan, you do not need to submit this form separately.

It is not necessary to submit for approval to plant annual flowers in existing beds or trim trees or bushes. However, approval is required to create (or remove) a landscaping bed.

Do not send any fee in with this plan since the fee is based on the scope of the work. The committee will let you know what the fee will be.

After reading the guidelines below, download and submit the application, which includes a list of information and materials to submit:

Landscaping Application


The original intent for Muirfield properties that continues today proposes that properties flow from one yard to the next. Consider arranging landscape materials in groups or clumps to screen out less desirable views, to enhance architecture, or to provide privacy. The goal is to enhance the home and help it blend into the natural setting. Certain areas of wooded lots are best left in their natural state allowing the home to blend into the natural setting and provide a pleasant contrast to manicured areas while reducing maintenance. Review the Lot, Lawn & Landscape Policy and refer to the Landscaping Section of the Resident Handbook.

This guide sheet is designed to assist you in preparing an application to the Muirfield Design Control Committee for your project. The following are required:

  1. Two complete applications including applicable drawings, prints and samples must be submitted to the Muirfield Design Control Committee prior to starting this project.
  2. Landscape materials must be provided and maintained to cover the front, extend to the side elevations and wrap around to the rear elevation. Property-defining landscaping and regimented plantings are prohibited.
  3. Minimum sizes for landscape materials at planting are as follows:
    a. Perennials, shrubs, etc. - 3 gallon
    b. Plants – 1 gallon
    c. Ornamental trees – 5’-6’ height
    d. Evergreen trees - 7’-8’ height
    e. Deciduous trees - 2½”-3” caliper
    It is prohibited to plant Silver Maple, Chinese Elm, Willow and Bradford Pear trees.
  4. Landscape beds shall be mulched to conserve moisture, improve fertility and health of the soil, reduce weed growth, and enhance the visual appeal of the area. Mulch material may include wood chips, shredded wood or wood bark. Dark-colored wood chips are preferred. Gravel, stone, river rock, lava rock, decorative stone, and rubberized mulch is prohibited.
  5. Confine landscape beds and plant materials to within the property lines so that installation and future maintenance can be performed from within the property. Encroaching onto a neighbor’s property or Muirfield common ground is prohibited. Keep in mind that the air space at the lot line is owned by that property. Neighboring property owners have the right to trim or remove that portion of the tree or any other landscape materials that extends onto their property.
  6. If trees are to be removed, all portions of the trees must be removed from the site and disposed of properly. Tree stumps must be ground out to grade and the area restored.
  7. If adding retaining walls, seat walls, fire pits or water features, provide a detail sheet of wall construction and sample of material and color.
  8. Final grading of all landscaped areas must accommodate proper drainage. If adding drainage assistance such as a French drain, dry creek bed, water retention pond or other drainage assistance, provide detailed drawings and explain in detail the reason for the drainage system; how it will terminate and other details to clarify proper flow for neighboring properties. Refer to Grading Guidelines.
  9. Provide scaled site plan showing footprint of house on property, no-build lines, property lines, easements, etc. Be sure site plan identifies location, size and type of all new landscape materials. Identify existing landscape materials and whether they will be removed, retained, or transplanted.
  10. Provide several photos of the area where landscaping will be affected.
  11. Provide the design review fee payment as determined by the Association office - $50 to $200. Office staff will inform you of the fee.
What to Include with this Application

To avoid delays and to prevent the application from being tabled, please ensure the application is filled out completely and include two copies of the application and two each of all relevant materials (samples, photos, drawings, site maps, brochures, etc.). Do not submit a design review fee until the office gives you an amount. One copy will be returned to the submitter. Include the following:

If you have any questions, please contact the Association office, 614-889-0922.

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