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When to use these guidelines and application: use to add or change a door on the house - entrance, sidelights, service, storm, patio, French or screen doors.

After reading the guidelines below, download and submit the application, which includes a list of information and materials to submit:

Door Application


If you are planning to perform door maintenance, including painting, replacing one or more doors or adding sidelights, storms or screens, written approval from the Muirfield Design Control Committee must be obtained prior to starting the project. These guidelines are in accordance with the Muirfield Design Standards. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis. Submit 2 complete applications including applicable photos, color samples, brochures and material samples prior to starting the project.

Doors are a vital element providing visual and physical connections between the private space within the home and the street. A welcoming entry is probably more important than any other exterior part of the home. In most cases, the front door shall be raised-panel wood or fiberglass. There are limited areas in Muirfield Village where a flush exterior door may be considered.

Inappropriate use of color includes:

Entry Doors


Doors for Every Part of the House:

Take into account the area leading to the door. To enhance the walkway to the home, care must be taken to select aesthetically pleasing arrangements and natural materials, such as wood, brick, stone or pavers. The ideal walkway connects strongly with the front entrance making it easy to use the front door and can add to your home’s landscape. It is important that it be part of the entry garden, partially enclosing it with plantings.

Storm Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Rear Entry, Side Entry and Screen Doors

The design and functionality is equally important when updating side or rear service doors. The quality, durability and details must be considered to complement those sections of the exterior of the house and the important 4-sided architecture.

Certain full-view wood, fiberglass or aluminum storm doors may be considered. Unpainted aluminum is prohibited. Anodized and powder coating finishing will match and compliment most homes in Muirfield Village. Decorative “scalloped” storm door panels are prohibited. Storm doors must be full-view glass/screen doors and storm door frames must be wood, fiberglass or aluminum, painted the trim color of the house or the color of the entry door.

When replacing older patio doors, consider purchasing high quality doors that will expand the view with sleek sight lines and larger glass exposure. Robust profiles with wall thickness up to 3/8" will add strength during the more demanding weather conditions. There are a variety of different types of glass doors which separate the interior from the exterior of the house including french doors, pocket doors, bi-fold doors, sliding and telescoping doors.

Screens often accompany storm doors. Should you need to replace existing screens be sure to consider details such as the style of the door and the hardware which makes an impact on the exterior appearance. Screen doors may add beauty and ventilation while improving the energy efficiency of an entrance from the outside. They must be full view and of high quality as well as appropriate to the application. Be aware that the most popular types of screen materials are fiberglass and aluminum. The MDCC will consider the use, style and purpose of the application.

What to Include with this Application

To avoid delays and to prevent the application from being tabled, please ensure the application is filled out completely and include two copies of the application and two each of all relevant materials (samples, photos, drawings, site maps, brochures, etc.) plus the design review fee. One copy will be returned to the submitter. Include the following:

Please call the office for assistance at 614-889-0922.

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