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Article 14 - Rights of Mortgagee

All provision of these Restrictions, including the provision hereof respecting liens and charges against the Property, shall be deemed subject and subordinate to the lien of all recorded first mortgages and deeds on or for the Property securing a debt, now or hereafter executed, and none of these Restrictions shall supersede or in any way reduce the security or affect the validity of such lien or mortgage or deed to secure such debt; provided, however, that if any portion of said Property is sold or conveyed under a foreclosure or other enforcement of any mortgage or under the provisions of any deed to secure debt, any grantee or purchaser at such sale, and his heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns, shall hold any and all property so conveyed or purchased, subject to all the covenants, conditions, restrictions and liens, and other provisions of these Restrictions.

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