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The Grounds and Facilities Committee, made up of resident members, serve as liaisons to the Board of Directors. This committee gathers recommendations and makes suggestions to the Board of Directors pertaining to the maintenance of pathways, landscaping, lakes and capital projects for the common elements as well as making recommendations pertaining to the rules, maintenance, safety, programs and capital projects for the pool and tennis facilities.

The Grounds and Facilities Committee meets with the General Manager at the Association office on the last Monday of each month, March through November. The chairman of the committee provides a report at the Board of Director meetings.

Members of the Grounds and Facilities Committee are elected for three-year terms. This is a voluntary position and committee members can be elected to multiple terms.

The Members Area of the website contains the Grounds & Facilities minutes from past meetings.

Grounds and Facilities Committee Members

Pam Ellinger McGrady | Chairman

Resident since 1997

When my husband and I decided to build our first house, we visited many communities around the Columbus area and, in 1990, chose Dublin. We have never regretted this decision; Dublin is a wonderful city. During 1997, we took the opportunity to purchase a beautiful home in Muirfield Village.

I am excited to be a part of a community where residents are proud and show it by maintaining high property standards, practicing volunteerism and working together to improve the overall quality of life in Murifield Village.

It was an honor to be elected to the Grounds and Facilities committee where we serve as advisors to the Board of Directors. Landscaping and maintenance are my main areas of interest.

Lonnie McLaughlin

Resident since 2012

My wife Lynne and I have lived in around Dublin for over 25 years. After our two daughters left home, we decided the modular home that we built on Dublin Rd was too large and it was time to downsize. Last year, we were excited to find our perfect retirement home on Tarton Circle in Muirfield and with my accompanying retirement from American Airlines, I have been able to work on my classic cars, run all the trails, and help my neighbors in any way that I can. We enjoy the beauty and benefits of living in Muirfield and I have enjoyed sharing my experience of construction and landscaping as a member of the Grounds and Facilities Committee. I believe it takes a good neighbor to make a good neighborhood and I will do all that I can to help improve our neighborhood.

Pat O'Loughlin

Resident since 2002

For nearly 12 years my wife Nancy and I have been able to call Muirfield Village home. It's been a great place to live and raise our four children. I am excited to serve on the Grounds & Facilities Committee as we have the opportunity to positively impact our neighborhood. We are blessed with some great community assets, and have the responsibility to assist the staff and Board decide how to maintain, manage and enhance our facilities, natural areas and community experience. My background in utility infrastructure and my interests in recreation, nature and landscaping make for a great fit with the work of the committee. We're all here to serve you, our neighbors, so please let us know if you have thoughts or ideas on what we're doing, or what we're not doing. Thanks.

Alesia Miller

Resident since 2008

I’ve lived in Ohio all my life and in Muirfield Village for 5 1/2 years. My lifelong love of green spaces and nature has brought me to this gorgeous area known as Muirfield Village.

One can’t help but notice and appreciate how special this area is as well as the need to preserve it. The long journey I’ve travelled to get to this point all has had to do with just that. I received my education through the Ohio State Extension and became an OCVN Naturalist (Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist). Their instruction equipped me with the knowledge and the tools to help with the issues & challenges of maintaining green spaces. I am presently working side by side with ODNR-District 4-Southeast Ohio, Ohio State Extension Education, National Wildlife Association, Columbus Metro Parks, and Southeast Ohio-Parks and Preserves.

My current objectives are to eradicate invasive plants and restore native plants to these areas, monitor water quality and watersheds at Metro Parks and Southeast Ohio, educate people on sustainable gardening practices, and monitor for infestations of our current list of pests that threaten our trees, including the Emerald Ash Boror, the Long Horned Asian Beetle, the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid and several others.

My goal is to help the grounds crew to keep our Muirfield beautiful and healthy.

Mark Ransom

Resident since 2007

My wife and I have lived in Muirfield for eight years after having lived in Worthington for many years. We were drawn to the area because of the wealth of outdoor amenities available to residents as well as the sense of community. As a member of the Muirfield Ground and Facilities Committee, I hope to be able to assure that Muirfield’s many trails, fields, wooded areas and recreational facilities remain the best in Central Ohio. Keeping the landscape of Muirfield healthy and thriving, the trails and pools in pristine condition, and the community structures well maintained are my top priorities as a member of this committee.

Ray DiRossi

Resident since 2005

My wife, Jennifer, and our family have lived in Muirfield since late in 2005. When it was time, more than a decade ago, to move from another Columbus suburb, Muirfield was the obvious answer. The reasons that led us here are a beautiful vibrant community with great people, great history and tremendous possibilities.

My work has primarily focused on state operating and capital budgeting as well as fiscal and tax policy. I am always looking to find ways to apply what I’ve learned for the benefit of Muirfield.

I look forward to adding another voice to assist the Association Board with the task of preserving and enhancing our natural areas.

Kyle Lucus

Resident since 2009

Biography and photo coming soon!

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