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The Muirfield Village Civic Association (MVCA) organizes and supports civic and social activities in the Village. There are many active committees within the MVCA that include Empty Nester's, Family Activities, Mothers Play Group and Adult Events. The Civic Action Committee provides email updates about issues affecting the community including government, schools, traffic, voting and taxes. The MVCA also publishes and distributes a quarterly newsletter to all residents of Muirfield.

Although working closely with the Muirfield Association (the mandatory homeowners' association), the Civic Association is a voluntary organization that concentrates on the social and civic actions in Muirfield. There are currently no dues requirements as activities are supported by the sale of advertisement in the quarterly Village Voice newsletter - the only authorized and official events / news publication for residents of the community.

The MVCA has a number of groups and events for MVCA members to participate in:

Couples Euchre Group
Ladies Lunch Bunch
Men's Lunch Bunch
Ladies Evening Mah Jongg Group
Empty Nesters Impulse Dinner (and many other Empty Nesters activities)

To be a member of the MVCA residents need to register by mail (MVCA, PO Box 381, Dublin, Oh 43017) or on-line at https://muirfieldvillage.org. All registered members receive the annual Muirfield List where fellow residents recommended contractors and other vendors that have provided outstanding services and products. For more details on the Muirfield List, visit the MVCA website.

Visit the Civic Association on-line at https://muirfieldvillage.org or contact Mindy Miller, President, at 614-565-7737 (or email president@muirfieldvillage.org) for more information about the MVCA or its events.

If you wish to contribute or advertise in the Village Voice newsletter, contact villagevoice@muirfieldvillage.org.

The Muirfield Village Civic Association is supported by the Village Voice Newsletter advertisers and Resident activities. The MVCA is not financially supported by the Homeowners Association. For more information visit www.muirfieldvillage.org.

Did you know? Many MVCA events are posted on the Muirfield Association calendar.
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