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The first part of this article is about ways Delaware County notifies the public about snow emergencies. Franklin County has not provided detailed information to us, but residents may wish to try the Franklin County Sheriff's website and/or the TV stations, radio and websites listed below.

Delaware County officials notify the public in various ways when a Snow Level Emergency is called in Delaware County:

For those who would like a phone call for severe weather emergencies (e.g. tornado warning) and other emergencies (gas leak nearby, suspect on the loose, etc.), sign up online at http://delco911.org/index.php/delco-alerts.

Snow Removal in Muirfield

The City of Dublin has a great feature called SnowGo that shows snow and ice removal status in real time. Visit SnowGo for real time reporting.

The City of Dublin offers the following instructions and tips for snow removal on your property. Residents can assist the snow plowing process in several ways. (The following information was obtained from the City of Dublin):

Per the city, residents are required to keep their sidewalks, curbs and gutters in repair and free of snow, ice, debris and obstructions. Depositing snow or ice on any public sidewalk, street, bike path, road or highway is not permitted.

The city recommends that when shoveling a driveway, place as much snow as possible from the driveway apron on the “downstream” side (left side of apron as you are standing at the street looking up the driveway). This reduces the amount of snow that the plow will catch and push back into the driveway apron as it passes.

For more seasonal information on snow and ice removal, visit Dublin's Snow Removal page at http://dublinohiousa.gov/services/snow-removal/ or call the city at 614-410-4750.

Did you know? The Muirfield Association is only responsible for plowing the streets in the gated areas. The rest of the streets in Muirfield are owned by the City of Dublin and are cleared by them. Muirfield Association does not and can not plow city-owned streets.

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