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Inclusion in the Muirfield Directory is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. A household must submit a listing in order to be included; no household will automatically be included. If you do not want your household to be listed, do not fill out this form.

Fill out the following form to ADD a listing in the Muirfield Resident Directory. New listings will be published when the directory is updated, which is usually every week.

Please check your information for accuracy before clicking Submit. The Association does not proofread submissions. By adding a listing, you are agreeing to this website's Terms of Service.

The following fields marked with an asterisk * are required.

Staff will use this to confirm receipt of your listing. It will not be published unless you also list it in an "Email Address" field below.

Optional Fields

The following fields are entirely optional. Fill in as many or as few as you like. Skip fields that don't apply to your household or that you don't want in the directory.

List ONLY children who are LIVING in the home. Please put in order of oldest to youngest, but do not include ages. If a child has a different last name than the primary head of household, please include both their first and last name. Separate names with a comma.

List ONLY extended family members who live FULL TIME and PERMANENTLY in the home. An example may include an elderly parent. Please separate names with a comma.

Optional: you may indicate whose address this is. Example: jmjsg2015@none.com - Mary's email

Optional: you may indicate whose address this is. Example: goinggolfing@none.com - John's email

Leave blank if you have no home phone.

Optional: you may indicate whose cell it is. Example: 614-555-1111 - John's cell

Optional: you may indicate whose cell it is. Example: 614-555-2222 - Mary's cell

Please leave blank if unknown.

Optional: is there anything else you'd like us to know? These notes will not be published.

Agree and Submit Form

To add your household's listing, you must agree to the following:
I understand that inclusion in the Muirfield Resident Directory is completely voluntary and that I may request removal at any time. I further understand that no website is 100% secure and that others may use my information to contact my household through email, by phone, and/or street address. I will not hold Muirfield Association, Inc. responsible for any misuse of the information I provide. I have read and agree to this website's Terms of Service Agreement.
I Agree

Please review your information for typographical errors before clicking Submit.

Thank you! A staff member will reply to your email confirming that your request was received.
Please complete all required fields.

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